Five gluten free student-friendly snacks

(Photo by: Madison Swensen) White chocolate covered raspberries.
(Photo by: Madison Swensen) White chocolate covered raspberries.

Gluten Intolerance and Celiac Disease are becoming more prominent in our society. About half-way through my freshman year of college, I found out I had a minor gluten intolerance. As I started my life of gluten-free eating, I found that it was far from cheap. Being a hungry student on-the-go, I wanted snacks that would be both yummy and healthy, without breaking my budget.

Check out some of my favorite on-the-go munchies that are gluten free, and easy to throw in a Ziploc bag.

1. Chex Mix: This recipe requires absolutely no cooking skills and it can be totally personalized. For my Chex mix, I used cinnamon Chex, gluten free pretzels, cashews and chocolate chips. You can add dry fruit, different flavors of Chex or other gluten free crackers. This is an incredibly quick snack to make, perfect for days you are running late.

2. Fruit Salad: This is another recipe that requires no cooking skills and can be mixed up to suit your personal fancy.

Cut up some of your favorite fruit and throw it into a reusable Tupperware container. Add lemon juice to keep the fruit from browning, and remember to throw a fork in your book bag for when you enjoy your delicious and healthy snack later that day.

(Photo by: Madison Swensen) Gluten free Peanut Butter cookies.
(Photo by: Madison Swensen) Gluten free Peanut Butter cookies.

3. White Chocolate-Covered Raspberries: This one requires minor cooking skills. All you will need are white baking chocolate, a little bit of butter and fresh raspberries.

Put the chocolate and a small slice of butter in a bowl and microwave for about 45 seconds. Stir the melted chocolate to mix in the butter, and pour onto a sheet of wax paper. Use a spoon or your fingers to cover the raspberries in chocolate. Place the covered raspberries on a cookie sheet and put in the fridge for about 15 minutes to set.

4. Dark Chocolate-Covered Almonds: This is very similar to the chocolate covered raspberries. Follow the same steps as above, except with dark chocolate chips and almonds. Just add a few more minutes in the fridge.

5. Peanut Butter Cookies: These peanut butter cookies are incredibly easy and extremely delicious. All you need is a cup of peanut butter, a cup of sugar and an egg. Mix all those ingredients together and drop rounded tablespoons of cookie dough onto a cookie sheet. After flattening them with a fork, bake for 8 minutes at 375 degrees. This recipe yields about 15 delicious cookies that stay moist for days.