KWCR album of the week: Sylvan Esso

I never thought electronic music could be combined so well with folksy singer-songwriter melodies, but Sylvan Esso’s self-titled album has managed to create a beautiful combination of those genres.

Sylvan Esso’s music is described as electronic folk-pop as they collaborate elements of singer-songwriter lyrics and sound with electronic beats.

The band was formed in North Carolina in 2013. Amelia Meath, member of an indie folk band, Mountain Man, sought out electronic producer, Nick Sanborn, to remix a song she wrote called, “Play It Right.” Their collaboration created such raw, beautiful music they knew they had to continue.

Sylvan Esso’s music is equipped with pleasant high notes and a quirkiness that reminds me of singer-songwriter, Regina Spektor along with the spunkiness of alternative musician, Sallie Ford, all twisted with an electronic-pop kick.

Though their music seems simple and repetitive, their lyrics and slight melancholy tunes suggest emotional complexities.

The first track “Hey Mami,” kicks off the album with a nearly a cappella intro, before it slides into a catchy electronic twist.

But it’s songs like “Wolf” and “Coffee” that really make this album, though both are very different, they are a great examples of the mesmerizing, earnest quality of the band.

The last track, “Come Down” is a perfect ending to the album. Not only is it a great contrast to the upbeat songs at the beginning, it also seems to be a continuation of the first song with lyrics like “Hey Mami, won’t you come down to the river to wait?”

I recommend this album to anyone who’s looking for something more in the singer-songwriter or indie folk music genres. I give this album four stars.