Local band debuts new album

disforia_fireplace copy
(Sourced By: John Yelland) Disforia band members: Chad Anderson, Alex Hinerman, Austin Bentley, Dayton Anderson, Casey frederick and in the front John Yelland.

Local band, Disforia,created in 2007, is now producing their full length album. It will debut on June 28th during their show at the Murray Theater.

“When I very first joined Disforia, I joined because I thought it would be fun to play in a local band that played live shows, I had no idea what I was getting myself into,” Austin Bentley, keyboardist for Disforia said. “After a while I started to realize how much fun you could have writing and playing music with other people.”

Some music has tells a story from beginning to end, much like a short novel. Bentley says that is exactly what Disforia has done with their new album, “The Age of Ether”.

“It’s a concept album, we really enjoy sci-fi, that’s our thing and this is going to sound really corny but it works in the concept of the music and the album,” John Yelland vocalist for Disforia said. “It’s about a stray neutron star that gets flung our way, we start devising a plan to go to the nearest habitable star to escape and preserve humanity.”

Yelland goes on to discuss how the album follows the stories of the people who are living both on Earth and on the spaceships during this exploration to save humanity.

Disforia has had many members throughout the years join and quit. The band members currently involved are John Yelland on vocals, Austin Bentley on keyboard, Chad Anderson on guitar, Dayton Anderson on guitar and Alex Hinerman on bass. Only Chad Anderson remains from the original band.

Their debut show beings at 6:30 p.m., multiple bands will be playing throughout the evening. The musical lineup consists of Machines is Man, Dethrone the Sovereign, Never Before and Turned to Stone.

“For people that enjoy progressive metal bands, check us out. We are really oriented toward sci-fi,” said Bentley. “For people that enjoy the band Blind Guardian, we have had their lead singer do a guest appearance on this album which is a huge deal.”

(Sourced By: John Yelland) Members of local Salt Lake band Disforia, pose for photo shoot to promote their new album The Age of Ether.

Along with the lead singer from Blind Guardian, Brittney Slays from Unleash the Archers also had a guest appearance on Disforia’s new album.

“I am not recreationally listening to that genre of music but I love theirs. It’s uplifting and positive. It is so fun to listen to and pop it in my car, it is perfect road trip music,” Bri Anderson Weber State University graduate said. “When people hear metal they think screaming crazy all the time but it’s not like that at all. It’s more rock and roll.”

Disforia’s new album “The Age of Ether”, contains 10 songs, “is very technical and it has a more instrumental feel,” Anderson tells us. Their song, “Our Time Defined”, has been turned into a music video. The video is available on Youtube.

“It’s always been really hard being in a band but it’s just so worth it too. It’s like just a natural thing, if you are going to do it then you have to do it,” Yelland said. “It’s worth the drive, it is in Salt Lake City, it should be a special night.”