Five new Utah laws to know

The Utah State Legislature passed more than 450 new bills during the spring session. Among them were more than 350 new laws. Here are 5 laws WSU students might want to be aware of:

  1. Cell phones and driving. No longer limited to just texting, one cannot manipulate their phone while moving in a motor vehicle. This includes dialing a number, checking your GPS, or even changing a song.
  2. House Bill 71 bans what is commonly known as “revenge porn,”  in which someone posts intimate pictures of their ex-lover on the internet in order to get back at them after a break up. Utah became the third state to pass such a law.
  3. Senate Bill 167 bans law enforcement from using drones to spy without a warrant. Exceptions are made for situations where a warrant would not be necessary.
  4. Senate Bill 57 requires insurance companies to pay for the treatment of autistic children. Utah has one of the highest rates of autism in the nation.
  5. Senate Bill 54 is a compromise between state officials and the group known as Count My Vote. Count My Vote spent weeks campaigning on WSU campus and around the state to change Utah’s caucus system to a direct primary system. The bill keeps the caucus system but allows an alternative path to the ballot by collecting signatures and allows unaffiliated voters to vote in the primary.