WSUSA inauguration to usher in new student leaders

The inauguration of the 2014-15 Weber State University Student Association will be held at the duck pond on April 18. The event will also celebrate the work the 2013-14 government has done during its reign and discuss changes the new staff has planned.

“To me, inauguration is one of the most important events all year,” said Brady Harris, 2013-14 student senate president. “Inauguration is when all student government officers and senators raise their hand and promise to serve students with all their heart, mind, body and soul.”

Students are encouraged to attend in best dress.

“Inauguration is essential,” said David Wilson, 2013-14 student body president. “I think it is very important for the new student government to show they are dedicated to doing the job to the best of their ability.”

Another part of the inauguration is the presentation of awards to last year’s student body officers and senators. The Lisa Ellis Award for exemplary student leadership will also be presented. The award was named after a former WSU student who, despite being overcome with illness, fully participated as a member of WSUSA.

A “purple belt,” or award of excellence, will also be awarded to a person who worked with each vice president to meet their goals.

Following the event, the student senate will close for the summer, when the student body president and executive officers will prepare for their busiest time of the year.

The inauguration gives the newly elected students the opportunity to celebrate and talk with the previous occupants of their positions.

Harris said he believes the oath is most important part of the event. He added that the oath students have to swear before taking office is very special to him, because he believes it starts the period of time when each newly elected official should put WSU students as their first priority.

Wilson and Harris will both speak at the event, discussing what they have accomplished over the last year.

Joe Favero, student body president for 2014-15, said he is ready and excited to take office. He said he wants to bring changes to campus.

One of the main things Favero hopes to achieve during his term is to make students more aware of the clubs and organizations available to join on campus. Favero will speak at inauguration, giving a brief plan for his term in office.

“Students really enjoy being involved on campus,” Favero said. “I am excited to attempt to bring more members to different clubs on campus.”