Sci-Fi Heroine: The oddest inventions on the Internet

(source: coffee stain studios)  Goat Simulator game allows you to step into the hooves of a goat and wreck havoc
(Source: Coffee Stain Studios) “Goat Simulator” allows you to step into the hooves of a goat and wreak havoc.

We’ve all been perusing the Internet in all its vast glory and come across something we are unsure is actually real. We do a double take, squint at the screen and constantly ask, “What? Why?!”

I’m sure most of you have had this happen. I had that experience this week, so I thought I would end the Science & Tech’s last section of the semester on an interesting note and show you the oddest technology, ideas and video games on the Internet to date.

The moment this week that made me stop and stare dumbfounded was when I came across a video game on Steam. I came across the game “Goat Simulator.” That’s right, a simulator where you play a goat. This game starts you out with some simple quests, but it isn’t long before you are going full John McClane (“Die Hard”) on this poor small town in which you (the goat) are. You can purchase this odd game for only $10 at the Steam store. Visit¬†for further information.

Good news for those of you who have small children in the home. Your little one can now start pulling his or her weight with the Baby Mop. This onesie is made out of ultra-absorbent materials and is designed to clean and shine your floors as the baby crawls around. Apparently your child will learn not to drop food on the floor, but it gives your baby a work ethic early as well as a workout. You can sit back and let baby clean the floor for you. If you would like to subject your little one to child labor early, visit

(source Studio Banana THiNGS) The Ostrich Pillow allows you to rest your head comfortably where ever it may land.
(Source: Studio Banana Things) The Ostrich Pillow allows you to rest your head comfortably wherever you are.

I may have to admit that, although it may seem odd, I would not be surprised to see this product on campus at some point. The Ostrich Pillow was originally a Kickstarter product that received funding within a whopping 72 hours. It’s been called the napping revolution. This pillow allows you to rest your head comfortably wherever it may land, whether on the shuttle bus, at home on your desk or in the Shepherd Union. This pillow completely shelters your eyes from the light and allows your mouth and nose full access to fresh air. I would not recommend this to anyone who may have claustrophobia.

The foot-powered Fliz bike makes me want to lash out irrationally at the inventors. Why on earth would you make a bike that was propelled forward with just you walking/running? Maybe I’m missing the core concept, but that seems to be going in the opposite direction of innovation. The Flintstones had a foot-powered vehicle, so I guess in this day and age we need a foot-powered bike?

Another half-brained invention found on the Internet is the Water Gun Umbrella. Yes, I’m serious. Why not completely rub salt in the wound of a fellow student who wasn’t wise enough to bring their umbrella and squirt them in the face with a built-in water gun? You can also find umbrellas for your dogs and full-body umbrellas, because are regular umbrellas ever really big enough?

There are some moments when we wonder how on earth people come up with these kinds of ideas, and other times we wonder why on earth we didn’t think of it first. The Internet is a safe haven for the weird inventions and the oddities and awesomeness of human innovation.