Voice of Boyce: 10 things to do in Ogden under $10

Ogden is a fun town. It is growing, it is cleaning up, and it is becoming a mecca for the outdoors. There are lots of things to do, and they do not have to cost you a fortune.

I have compiled a list of 10 things to do in the Ogden area for under $10. Now you don’t have an excuse. Read the list and go have fun.

1. Hiking/biking. Free. OK, you may have to buy a water bottle (and possibly have additional supplies like a bike), but surely hiking and/or biking won’t put you in the red. Utah.com shows nine hikes that you can go on in Ogden, with an additional five biking trails. The hikes range from easy to strenuous. The bike trails range from a few miles to several miles with steep inclines. Pick based on your skill level and have a blast.

2. Moviegrille. On Sunday nights, the Moviegrille Facebook page is updated with two classic films that will be shown on the following night. You have to message them and reserve your tickets. Tickets are completely free. You can order some dinner while you are watching the movie, or just recline and relax.

3. Fishing. Fishing can be free, but you are required to have a fishing license that costs $15. With that being said, if you use it a lot and eat the fish, your license basically becomes free, right? The Ogden River is brimming with fish and ready for many anglers, but if you lack experience, the 21st Street pond is great for you. Grab your pole, some worms and some friends and have a great time.

4. Dinosaur Park. $7. Did you know Utah is home to a ton of dinosaur fossils? Head down to the Dinosaur Park ready to learn about these prehistoric creatures. They even have giant replicas, so you really have a sense of what being in Jurassic Park would be like.

5. Farr’s Ice Cream. Under $10. Farr’s Better Ice Cream was founded in Ogden, Utah. Considered some of the best ice cream, Farr’s serves up many locations for you to go try out their famous ice cream. I like the cookie dough.

6. Toad’s Fun Zone. Approximately $7. Toad’s offers a bunch of activities that cost under $10, including miniature golf, laser tag, mini Grand Prix racing, a climbing wall, a driving range and arcade games. Take your pick.

7. The Union Station. $5. The Ogden Union Station offers four different museums about the railroad, firearms, cars, and the Utah Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. It also has an updated art gallery to visit.

8. Geocaching. Free. Everybody likes a good treasure hunt and being in on secrets. Well, there is an app for that. OpenCaching allows users to create their own caches, attach directions and clues, and write comments and check if the cache was found or not. There are also several websites dedicated to geocaching. Google it.

9. Eccles Community Art Center. Free. The center provides a monthly rotation of art created by regional and local artists. The home keeps a permanent collection of art indoors and out.

10. Peery’s Egyptian Theater. Prices vary. Peery’s Egyptian Theater has been in Ogden since 1924. Always a film house, Peery’s continues to show films with the addition of live musicals and theatrical events. Visit their website for a calendar of events.