The Jex Dex: Choose your teams wisely

Selection Sunday is over and the brackets have been filled, with many teams excited that they were able to make the field of 68. While other teams are a little upset about their exclusion from the national tournament, the fans are already filling out brackets. Those brackets could be for the billion-dollar giveaway from Warren Buffett or just bragging rights with co-workers or family members. Whatever it may be for you, it seems as if Selection Sunday affects all ages.

I will admit that I love to fill out brackets, but I probably think too much about it. I have never even been close to a perfect bracket. I doubt that I have ever escaped the first round without choosing the wrong team. That is what makes it so special: It is hard to pick all of the upsets, or those teams that are destined for greatness crash and burn quickly.

Does anyone remember Dunk City? What about the Bryce Drew’s dagger three that lifted a Valparaiso team over Ole Miss? Those moments are forever engrained into our memories whenever we think of March Madness.

Those little specks of gold are magnified in the tournament as stars are born and others build on it. The likes of Steph Curry, Adam Morrison and even the usually hated Jimmer Fredette have left their marks on the historic event. But who will be this year’s stars or surprises?

That is probably one of the hardest things of choosing a bracket, because you have no idea who is going to go off or what teams are not going to play up to their potential. That is just another of the great aspects that makes this different from any other collegiate sporting event.

The joke going around is that the person who knows the least is usually the person who wins the bracket and all the glory that comes with it. That might be the key to winning — just let all of your bias go and go with the gut feeling about what team is going to win each match-up. I should do that; I spend way too much doing research, trying to find all of the small details on the 14th seed that plays in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference and how they might get a win. That happens every once in a while, but those aren’t going to be the teams that win the bracket.

I have found out that the key of contending for the win is making sure you don’t make the small mistakes early on. Of course, those upsets can ruin your bracket, like when Duke lost to a 15th seed or when Wichita State went on a killing spree last year. I find that my biggest mistakes is choosing a seed that looks desirable at the moment and then drops an egg. I guess the only option that may help you get close to a perfect bracket would be is if you could somehow go into the future.

As we go into this great season of the year, may luck be on your side, and may you come out on top.