KWCR Album of the Week: Gap Dream, 'Shine Your Light'

Where the electric glitter starts to impress, the vocals immediately halt the event. If I were on “The Bachelor” and had to give the “first-impression rose,” it would not be to Gap Dream’s “Shine Your Light.” Well, at least not to the title track on the album. The monotone voice is accompanied by a dull and numbing backbeat that is only jazzed up by awkward glitter shimmers. Track 1 also doesn’t have a proper ending and uses the fadeout technique to end the drone disaster.

Gabriel Fulvimar, the lone wolf of Gap Dream, seems to like it that way. After moving from Ohio, which is affectionately known for lovers, Fulvimar now resides in a record store, as his home address is the same as his album’s label, Burger Records in California. Fulvimar advertises his loneliness in more ways than one, with lyrics ranging from mild examples like “trying to find a chill spot just to organize my mind” to “love is not allowed to those who run” to “you’re the kind of girl that wants to waste all my time” and “I don’t need to get laid that bad / I’ll just stay home and get high.” Is this really what this artist spends his time doing? I would expect more creativity out of someone who sits in a record store all day and makes music with vintage equipment.

His most hopeless track, No. 5, “Immediate Life Sentence,” is one that is mentioned above. The dull guitar — or “fuzzy,” as my music critique colleagues have noted — doesn’t do anything for the song but make you wish it were over. Track 6, “There’s Blood on the Stone,” on the other hand, is more exciting with the drum kit going full speed for the intro, but again with the monotone — it just never stops and carries the track into oblivion.

The intro to “Shine Your Love” and the continuous theme throughout the song is fanfare. Bring out Prince Charming, because this medieval track will need saving. This whole album needs saving.

I give this album half a star.