'Gas leak' in Sodexo's Grill 155° remains unconfirmed

At least five Ogden City officials, including police and firefighters, investigated the Shepherd Union Building’s Grill 155° on Wednesday afternoon. According to one Sodexo employee working the shift, a gas leak in the Sodexo food counter had been reported after about three employees were sent home feeling “dizzy (and) not being able to stand up.”

The worker said she hadn’t noticed anything, and she thought maybe some sort of illness was spreading amongst the workers that was unrelated to the work environment. Staffers at the information desk in the Shepherd Union Building said they’d heard about the gas leak, but they couldn’t confirm anything.

On Thursday, the Grill 155° counter appeared to be regularly staffed. When asked, the staffer said he didn’t know what had happened with the gas leak, but that he had heard about it, and he also thought it was merely employees getting sick. “I wouldn’t be here if there was a gas leak,” he said.