WSU offers range of scholarship opportunities

(Graphic by Autumn Mariano)

It is scholarship season, and Weber State University offers a variety for students to apply for. Deadlines span from Jan. 13 to March 1.

“We have English department scholarships, one for English teaching majors, one for English literature majors, and most of the rest are pretty small,” said Kyra Hudson, with the English department’s scholarship committee. “We would like to see more if we could. We hope we have made it easy, and we urge English majors to apply. The applications are in our office. I think the application process is really simple. First, they need to apply through the scholarship office at Weber State, and then they can continue with the English department.”

Most departments offer a departmental scholarship for students who already have declared their majors and know what career field they want to go into.

“Scholarships are definitely worth applying for,” said Josh Norman, musical theater major. “I missed out on applying for them last semester, but I am going to apply for them this semester for sure. Even if you do have the money for schooling, it is nice to have the extra money, because you will need it sometime in the future. I like the departmental scholarships, because that is the stuff I would do more of than anything else. I think it is good for people that already know what they are going to do.”

There is also the Dream Weber scholarship, which provides tuition for students whose income is less than $25,000 a year. Starting in fall of 2014, the scholarship will be changed so students who make less than $40,000 a year can qualify as well.

“I did get a scholarship — it was the Dream Weber scholarship,” said Zack Otero, junior and communication major. “I received it last summer, and what that scholarship does is pays for whatever you don’t get in student loans. Usually during the summer time they don’t give out student loans, so I qualified, and it paid the full tuition. Basically I just fill out the form on the Dream Weber page; it only takes like two seconds to do. It qualifies you for a pool of different scholarships. It’s pretty easy.”

WSU offers many other scholarships, such as one from the Gump and Ayers Scholarship Fund. To qualify for this scholarship, students must be single mothers and accepted into a vocational skills training program or undergraduate degree program. The deadline for this scholarship is Feb. 1.

For both incoming freshmen and continuing students, application deadlines were Jan. 13. Transfer students have a little bit longer; their deadline is March 3.

“It’s not something I know much about in terms of how you get them and how you qualify,” said Sarah Thomas, history major. “Maybe I would consider applying for the Dream Weber scholarship. I think I only have a year left, so I don’t know how much time that would give me.”

WSU also has scholarships for specific clubs and organizations, such as the ones for nontraditional students. The two available right now are the Rising Star and the Walter C. Swanson scholarships. Interested students can find more information at

“I have a grant,” said Peyton Brown, WSU freshman. “It was the FAFSA, so it just went off of my mom’s taxes. It has helped a lot, since I don’t have any money right now. I think scholarships are worth it. I think coming to school is a good thing.”