KWCR Album of the Week: Claire, 'Broken Promise Land'

I love when music artists from the other side of the world release their music in English, especially Germans like Claire. Claire’s 2013 EP, “Broken Promise Land,” is indie synth pop at its best. The first track, which shares the same title as the EP, is catchy, dreamy and worthy of playing at any dance party.

The band, who features Josie-Claire Burkle as the frontwoman, consists of four other members. Although their first live show was played in New York City in October of 2013, this band is still relatively new and very promising.

Track No. 2, “Games,” has a very playful backbeat, and the music video, which can be found on Claire’s official U.S. website, even has a filter. A filter, people! The entire four-minute video looks like a hipster’s Instagram film project come to life. It’s just wonderful.

The lyrics in “Games” are just as playful as the song itself, tying them in with perfect synthful synergy. “And it’s all right, it’s all right as long as I can be with you. And it’s all right, it’s all right as long as I can stay.”

Track No. 3, “Pioneers,” already takes on a more serious tone although still ever dreamy, as is the theme of the EP. Although less catchy, this song is equally playable in disco clubs in all major cities in Europe and America alike.

What’s difficult about Claire, though, is finding what exactly sets her apart from every other bubbly synth outfit out there releasing the same tunes on labels perhaps more “indie” than Astralwerks. What sets Claire apart is her potential to be played over and over again and not become annoying like other popular female singers in similar genres.

Claire’s exquisite voice and impeccable production is more mature-sounding than competing female singers in the synth genre. This is why I recommend Claire over any other artist in the same genre.

Similar artists I would recommend are iamamiwhoami, M83 and Lykke Li.