MovieGrille focusing on nightly deals

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(Source: The MovieGrille is a dine-in movie theater located in downtown Ogden.

The new dine-in movie theater in downtown Ogden is now offering nightly deals and discounts for students.

Every Monday night, MovieGrille features free movies.

“We plan to continue running discount nights,” said Adam Jackman, owner of MovieGrille. “Every single Monday, we choose a different ’80s or ’90s cult-classic film. We take reservations through Facebook and through phone calls. We allow you to just tell us how many tickets you want, what show, what time, and we reserve it for you at the front desk. Everything is free. There is no food or drink minimum. That’s something that’s a fun experience if you’re on a tight budget. Come down, get a popcorn, or don’t even get anything, and enjoy a movie.”

MovieGrille features regular giveaways on its Facebook page, as well as frequent promotions that raise money for local charities.

Taylor Cain has worked in various positions at MovieGrille since it opened. She said she has seen a bit of confusion about what MovieGrille is, but that most people seem to warm up to the place after their first visit.

“I have to explain a lot,” Cain said. “Even though we have been open since October, people come in and they have no idea what this place is. So you get used to saying the same things over and over again. ‘We’re a dine-in movie theater; you get served at your seat.’ A lot of people come in and they love it. We have a ton of people who come in every day . . .”

Every weekend, a local artist performs in the lounge. “Each Friday and Saturday we have live music. It’s acoustic — it’s really fun,” Cain said. “We just get this whole place packed up to where people have to stand in the lobby, because there is not even seats here anymore.”

This weekend, local guitarist Jason Sawyer will perform solo at MovieGrille. Next weekend, Korene Greenwood will play an acoustic set made up mostly of covers, with some original pieces.

Elijah Ostler, a customer at MovieGrille, said he was intrigued at the idea of a movie theater that also offered dinner, and decided to check it out for himself. “I was already excited, because I hadn’t been to a place like that before,” Ostler said. “I thought it was really cool that we have a place like that in our downtown that we could go and have a beer, and relax and watch a movie. It is a really nice, relaxing environment.”

In addition to free movies on Monday, MovieGrille offers a two-for-Tuesday deal: On Tuesdays, movie tickets, popcorn and soda are “buy one, get one free.” Date-night Wednesday provides two movie tickets and meals for $20. Students also receive $1 off the purchase of their movie tickets on the weekend and 50 cents off matinees. The theater also offers free billiards every day, and everything on the menu costs less than $10. Deals and the complete menu is available at