Viewpoint: Don't underestimate Weber State

Many of us who have come to Weber State University have lived in northern Utah for most or part of our lives. There are probably those of us who aspired to attend university when we were kids, setting our sights on the great schools on the coasts, or even ones that just weren’t in, well, Ogden. For many, hopefully less so now than before, Weber has always been that one local school that we don’t want to go to, because it’s the place we all went to when we were kids in orchestra/FBLA/football camp, or because we just don’t want to be stuck in Ogden for the rest of our lives. And then there were those certain types who only came to Weber for a year or two before shipping off to who knows where for 18 months to two years. Weber, then, was just a quick affair meant to pass the time without any real effort.

We feel with you, friends. Really. Some of us have been there, eyeing those other schools we saw as elite and hoping desperately that we would be good enough to get in our programs and some scholarships to make the jump financially viable. Yet here we are. And you know what? It’s great.

If you were one of those poor souls who thought Weber wasn’t a big deal, or if you know someone who is currently going through such a crisis, then we urge you to get an intervention.

With BYU and the U of U both just an hour or two away, it’s been tough for many of us locals to break through that small-school stereotype. But just look at how far our university has come in 125 years. If you haven’t checked out the list of 125 facts about our university yet (refer to Monday’s edition or, then you need to, especially if you or someone you know suffers from the misguided belief that Weber is “just another local college.”

In short, our university is amazing. While no school is perfect in every area of its academic and extracurricular reach, we’re definitely not lacking. Weber is known on a national level for a variety of achievements that range everywhere from sports to music and theater to medical sciences (again, see that list). We compete on the same level and quite often win against other universities with the names that make certain students’ hearts pang with envy and longing. Students all over the nation, even students from other countries, apply and compete for coveted slots in a variety of our programs. For anyone who’s tried to get into the medical programs, you know how that’s like. And yet, we somehow manage to have some of the lowest tuition and fee rates and class sizes.

We are a really amazing university. We have a rich history. We have competitive credentials. And every semester, we just grow to be better.

But we can’t grow if anyone underestimates Weber State. Thankfully, it seems (to us, at least) like the mindset of “oh, it’s just Weber” has been fading more into “Weber’s amazing!” We need to keep it going that way for another 125 years.

Don’t let anyone underestimate our school. We’ve come a long way, and we’ve got a long way left that we can go.