Ogden City declares Jan. 7 WSU Day

(Source: Weber State Athletics) Members of Weber State University women's cross-country team receive recognition at the last Ogden City Council meeting of 2013.
(Source: Weber State Athletics) Members of the Weber State University women’s cross-country team receive recognition at the last Ogden City Council meeting of 2013.

The Ogden City Council and Ogden Mayor Mike Caldwell officially declared Jan. 7 as Weber State University Day during the council’s last meeting of 2013.

During the meeting, Caldwell broke typical protocol, took to his feet and shouted, “Weber State! Weber State! Great! Great! Great!” The crowd followed suit. The guest of honor wasn’t a person but the university, which received recognition from the city for its many milestones reached during 2013.

Council member Caitlin Gochnour gave a history of the university to recognize its 125th anniversary, officially being celebrated on Jan. 7. She highlighted some of WSU’s milestones over the years and its origins in downtown Ogden.

“Weber State has maintained a reputation for excellence and has been an unparalleled contributor to the Ogden community for the past 125 years,” read Gochnour from the official WSU Day declaration. “. . . (We) encourage all residents and Wildcats everywhere to join in the celebration and wear purple on that day.”

Alan Hall, chair of the WSU Board of Trustees, and Brad Mortensen, vice president for University Advancement, passed out purple scarves to sitting council members as Hall addressed the council and audience.

“On behalf of our trustees, certainly the president, Chuck Wight, his administration, all our faculty, staff, all our great students who have been to this institution, those who are there now, and those who will come, we extend our deep appreciation to our city leaders for this wonderful recognition tonight,” he said.

Declaring Jan. 7 as WSU Day wasn’t the only university-centered item of business on the council’s agenda. The council also officially recognized physics professor Ronald Galli for 50 years of teaching at WSU by adopting Joint Resolution 2013-17 by a unanimous vote, headed by council member Bart Blair.

Galli began teaching physics five decades ago, when the university was still known as Weber State College. Blair stated Galli has the longest tenure of any professor in WSU’s history.

“His classes are always the first to fill up each semester,” Blair said. “He is a master of physics demonstrations that his students enjoy so much.”

Galli, who has served as the dean of the College of Science as well as the chair of the physics department, said being officially recognized by the city was “a thrill for me. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.”

After disclosing that he has no immediate plans of retirement, Galli then expressed his gratitude for “anyone that had anything to do with the development of this great city that made it possible to have a great university for me to teach and do research at.”

Council member Neil Garner, a WSU alumnus, praised the WSU women’s soccer team for a year of sporting achievements.

The women’s soccer team finished the year with 30 goals scored and the 2013 Big Sky Conference title. Garner, who described head coach Tim Crompton as a dear friend of his, said he and his staff did “an exceptional job leading the team to its eighth conference tournament and fifth appearance at the title match.”

Garner also honored the men’s soccer club as well as the women’s cross-country team by moving to pass Joint Resolution 2013-21 and Joint Resolution 2013-23.

The Ogden City Council regularly meets on the first, third and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 6 p.m. WSU students, as well as the general public, are encouraged to attend.