WSU faculty, students make New Year's resolutions

Whether it is to become more dedicated in school or to eat less junk food, students make resolutions each New Year. Some resolutions can be difficult to meet, but few of the most common ones are impossible.Happy New Year-01

Weber State University President Charles Wight said he will strive for two main resolutions this upcoming year.

“One is to get a new science building built, and the second one would be to hold tuition as low as possible,” Wight said. “New Year’s resolutions just give us a chance to reflect on how we can improve our lives and pay better attention on the things we are doing.”

Keeping on top of a New Year’s resolution can be a challenge for busy college students, who have a million things to do and a handful of places to be.

“I think definitely one New Year’s resolution, as far as WSUSA goes, is to continue to always try to be better as a student leader and as a representative of the students,” said Courtney Woodfield, vice president of programing for the WSU Student Association. “That includes trying to push the boundaries of our events and not sticking to what we have done in the past.”

Woodfield suggested students set goals that will help them throughout the semester. “Some of us might be graduating this semester; some of us might be starting our last semester or just getting started. It’s a new year. Set goals that will help you achieve your dreams.”

A new year is comparable to a clean slate, especially while entering the spring semester.

“My New Year’s resolution is to focus more in school and really put all my attention on studying and getting a 4.0 in college, because it means a lot to me,” said Kennedy Velasquez, freshman and musical theater major. “Stay focused on it in a positive way; don’t start doubting your resolution and changing it. If you have a plan or a goal, stick to it and keep going for it.”

Some common resolutions are eating healthy, improving a relationship or even saving more money. Weight loss in particular seems to be a popular resolution among students and faculty.

“One resolution is to exercise more,” Wight said. “I used to exercise a lot, and then I found myself being pretty busy being president last year, so I am going to try to make more time to exercise. Another one is to fly more missions for my favorite charity, Angel Flight West.”

Angel Flight West is an organization that provides free non-emergency medical transportation for patients in need.

According to, some of the top goals are to lose weight, get a higher education, get a better job, save money and volunteer to help others.

“Well, mine is to get good grades,” said Francine Huband, a freshman and nursing major. “I’m trying to aim for all As, because getting into the nursing program requires really good grades. Also, I really want to try to get to know new people and be a little more outgoing.”