Zoology Club is newest organization to campus

After years of preparation, the Zoology Club is now a registered organization on the Weber State University campus.

Open to all students, the club has a simple, clearly defined mission in its constitution:

ZooClub Winning Design-2013-KH
(Source: Katy Heitkamp) The Zoology Club recently held a contest for a new club design. The winner was Katy Heitkamp, whose artwork will be featured on the club’s new T-shirts.

“The mission of the Zoology Club is to provide learning experiences and activities related to the field of zoology. The club will also provide service to the community and will provide a social network through which students can get to know each other.”

Jessica DeJong, secretary of the Zoology Club, has been working to make the group official on campus.

“We have been trying to get more people for the past few years to become an official club,” DeJong said. “I think science people don’t always like to talk to each other, so it is fun to get to know each other.”

DeJong has wanted the Zoology Club to become an official, registered club for quite some time now.

“We were hoping to become an official club to participate in the activities around campus, like the Block Party,” DeJong said. “We like to go on field trips, and we should be able to fund this ourselves and not worry about the department helping us.”

DeJong said that being an official club will help the group earn funding and allow it to receive more help through campus administration.

The club currently has more than 20 active members who participate in various activities.

“This last weekend, we went to the bison roundup at Antelope Island and watched them do the checkups on the bison,” DeJong said. “We received a behind-the-scenes tour of the aquarium and a behind-the-scenes tour at the zoo as well.”

Kaitlin Poulter, a WSU senior and a participant with the Zoology Club for three years, said she has enjoyed some of the volunteer opportunities the club gives to its members.

“We have fundraisers, like the rhino art auction,” she said. “We had art put together of rhinos and auctioned it off for a rhino charity.”

DeJong said the club also offers a lot of volunteer opportunities. “Anything animal or environmentally related gets sent to all the members of the club.”

The club’s recent fundraiser was for the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. The group was able to help raise much-needed supplies for the center.

The club holds four positions: president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. It will appoint new officers in spring 2014. Any zoology major who wants to become a member and/or an officer is able to do so.

Both Poulter and DeJong said that one good part of being in the Zoology Club is that it surrounds them with like-minded students.

“I have always loved animals and have always been a science nerd,” Poulter said. “Everyone in the Zoology Club enjoys the same things, so we are good friends.”

Those interested in joining the Zoology Club can contact DeJong at [email protected].