The Codi Jordan Band stays true to local roots

(Source: Codi Jordan)
(Source: Codi Jordan)
(Source: Codi Jordan) All three members of The Codi Jordan Band hail from Utah. The band includes multiple references to Utah locales in its lyrics.

“This is who we are, and this is where we come from,” sang local reggae singer Codi Jordan. Jordan’s self-titled band, The Codi Jordan Band, has been touring and putting out positive music for a good part of the past decade.

The Codi Jordan Band, known for its reggae-rock sound, has shared the stage with the likes of The Dirty Heads, Dashboard Confessional and Neon Trees.

“(It’s been) super chill,” Jordan said. “Meeting and hanging out with all of those guys makes you realize they are all just real people trying to make a living doing what they love.”

All of the band members are from Utah. Jordan grew up in Eden, the small ski-town paradise next to Ogden. He said his family members who hail from southern California ultimately shaped his passion and love for the SoCal vibe and lifestyle. The band also consists of Jonny Knoder (drums) and Cameron Goldsberry (bass). Guest musicians are occasionally brought in for concerts.

Jordan said his favorite concert experience so far took place when the band shared the bill on the California Roots Festival in Monterey, Calif.

“It was a special time, and we are blessed to have been included,” Jordan said.

The Codi Jordan Band has attracted a significant local following, consistently bringing in a wild crowd at local shows.

“I was introduced to CJB by a friend in 2009,” said local concert enthusiast Shaylee Olsen. “Since then, I have seen CJB perform 14 times. The thing I like about the band as a whole is when they perform, they actually play the songs you request — at least Codi will.”

Jordan and crew currently have three albums: “Vacation” (2008), “Positivity” (2011) and “A Little More Less” (2013). Their most popular songs include “Pretty Girls,” “Shake Suga Shake” and “Sunrise,” some even receiving moderate airplay. It is easy to recognize the band members’ love for their home state, as most of their songs include references to Utah.

“The Codi Jordan Band has a unique reggae-rock sound, one that has the mountains, rather than the beach, as its inspiration,” said David Burger, writer for The Salt Lake Tribune.

Generally, reggae music has consistent references to and kind words for the beach and the ocean, but this band raves about the Utah mountains.

“Right now . . . I am listening to lots of DJ stuff . . . I think Avicii is doing some cool things, mashing up genres along with Major Lazer (Diplo) and Benny Benassi,” Jordan said. He also mentioned that he used to listen to anything in his father’s collection: “Tom Petty, The Doors, CCR, The Eagles, Jimmy Buffet, The Dead and CSNY.”

In regard to his favorite local spot to grab a bite to eat, Jordan stated proudly, “Every time I head to Ogden, I try to stop at Warren’s to get a Mt. Ogden Burger with fries and some fry sauce. I wash it down with a raspberry iced tea. Nothing says home like that.”

Ogden will host the Codi Jordan Band on Nov. 27, when the band will perform at local bar Brewski’s with opening act Stranger for the annual Thanksgiving Eve party. The band is still touring to support its newest album, “A Little More or Less,” which is available on iTunes.

“Life inspires me — the good parts, the bad parts, the beautiful parts, the ugly parts, the happy parts and the sad parts,” said Jordan about his band’s music. “They all come together to make this thing called life inspirational.”

Austin Hatch, the programing director for KWCR, stressed the importance of the local band staying true to Utah.

“They seem really hometown-proud, wearing underground hoodies and jazz shirts in their videos,” Hatch said. “It’s important that a band that’s getting national attention stays true to their roots. It’s good for Ogden and Utah as a whole.”