Metallica blasts silver screen with new movie

The boys of Metallica are bringing a new look and feel to the big screen with 3-D action and fast-paced rock-and-roll.

This past weekend, Metallica’s new movie, “Through the Never,” hit theaters across the country. Metallica isn’t one of those groups quick to hit the big screen. They surprised fans everywhere with the release of this concert movie event.

Metallica brings its fast-paced rock music and mixes it with a theatrical side story. This isn’t your typical concert documentary. Instead of having interviews and background stories of the band, there is a suspenseful narrative.

This movie was filmed in 3-D and shown on the IMAX screens, which helps viewers get an up-close look at the band throughout the show. The 3-D screening gives viewers and fans the feeling that they are right there attending the concert. It gives a close-up look of each member of Metallica and shows just how hard they can rock.

You can see the patches the lead singer James Hetfield has on the denim vest he wears while rocking. Every time the camera zooms in on guitarist Kirk Hammit, you can see just how fast his fingers move as he is playing. You can see the sweat flipping off the hair of bassist Robert Trujillo as he bangs his head with the music. The close-up shots of the faces that Lars Ulrich makes adds personality to his style of play throughout the concert and makes you feel like you are standing right in front of him.

The story follows a concert hall employee named Trip, who is played by Dane DeHaan. Trip is sent out on an easy but urgent errand right in the midst of a Metallica concert. Throughout the course of the movie, Metallica plays a never-before-seen live performance while Trip is out on a surreal adventure through the city.

Metallica plays songs from the majority of their albums dating back to the early ’80s, including their hit song “Hit the Lights.” Metallica plays on a stage that is actually a single interactive TV screen. The screen and other props feature iconic Metallica imagery such as a giant Lady of Justice, coffins featuring videos of people trapped inside, tombstones that come out of the stage and give the feel of a graveyard, an electric chair, and solider video enhancements that also feature some pyrotechnics.

Every song played throughout the concert has a theme that is shown through the imagery. The songs and imagery correlate with everything Trip encounters on his errand. For example, Trip finds himself in the midst of a group of rioters who are about to  be disbanded by police officers in riot gear. As Trip enters, Metallica starts playing their famous song “One,” which tells the story of a soldier who went to war and ended up getting injured.

This happens throughout the entire film. No matter what type of things Trip is encountering, there is a classic Metallica song that narrates every situation. This helps viewers feel what is happening to Trip.

This film gives moviegoers and Metallica fans an up-close look at a Metallica concert without having to pay for the actual concert ticket.