Students divided on new iPhone 5

Last week Apple released the iPhone 5s and 5c. This is the first time Apple has simultaneously released two phones. For years students have been seen around campus using iPhones, and for many, the latest and greatest seems to be a necessity. However, many are saying the new iPhones just aren’t worth the money, especially to a poor college student.

The iPhone 5s has a 64-bit processor that helps run applications faster. The phone still has an 8-megapixel camera, but it does have a different flash to enhance pictures. The biggest thing it has that no other phone does is a finger scanner to unlock the phone.

While the finger scanner is what is catching the attention of many, for some, it just isn’t a big enough change to ditch their old phone for the new one.

“I still have the iPhone 4s, but it can do all the same things as the new iPhone, so I don’t think it’s worth paying more money just for a slimmer phone that has a finger scanner that I wouldn’t use anyways,” said student Hannah Eaton. “My phone gets the job done, and for half the price.”

The ‘C’ in iPhone 5c stands for “color,” because it comes in blue, pink, yellow, green and white. Others say it stands for “cheap,” because it is made out of plastic.

“The 5c is just a replacement of the 5,” said T-Mobile sales representative Robert Lopez. “They made it plastic so they could sell it for less, but it’s basically the same thing. It’s the same specs and everything as the iPhone 5. They’re even selling for the same price.”

All of the new iPhones come with the upgraded software Ios7. However, this has been made available to the iPhone 4, 4s and 5. This has slowed down the speed of the phone for many iPhone users, but it is also more user-friendly because it consists of a more simplified system.

“I have Ios7 and I love it, which for me is all the more reason not to buy the new iPhone, because I even have the same software as it,” Eaton said.

The biggest problem with the new iPhone is a good one for Apple: They are sold out and back-ordered due to record-breaking sales.

“We need Apple to make more so more people can experience it,” Eaton said.

While many are enjoying their new phones, some are getting sick of waiting.

“I ordered my phone and was so excited about it, but after spending all that money and having nothing to show for it, it’s getting frustrating,” said student Alyssa Wright.

While iPhones are not necessarily financially feasible for the average college student, they do offer many benefits to students. They feature many apps to help students study, from flash cards to quick handheld access to Canvas.

“The good part about Apple for a college student is that it’s so simple,” Lopez said. “You can sync your phone with your iPad or Mac so easily.”

The release of the 5s has lowered the price of the 5, though, making an iPhone more in reach for many.

“I would say if you’re looking for a nicer phone, save your money and just get the 5,” Lopez said. “Really the only difference is the finger scanner, which really isn’t worth the extra money.”