Wildcats celebrate at masked Homecoming Dance

201309219-21 Homecoming (Lauren Crest)-23
(Photo by Lauren Crest) Students, friends and family let loose at the Homecoming Masquerade Dance at Weber State University.

Many Weber State University students became true Wildcats at the Homecoming Masquerade Dance held Saturday evening. As everyone gathered around the bell tower, anticipating the special chimes, the tower struck 12 and the kissing began, some ending quickly and some lasting much longer than the tower’s ring.

The past two years, the bell tower has not worked, leaving Wildcats unable to become certified true Wildcats. This year, the chimes were so quiet many people questioned whether or not that was the official bell announcing that it was time to become a “true” member of WSU.

The masquerade dance was one of the events to kick off Homecoming Week. All those who attended wore outfits from evening gowns to Halloween costumes. People were creative with their choice of masks, from Mexican wrestling masks to the typical Venetian face masks. Everyone was looking their best and dancing to the music that resonated from the Shepherd Union Building.

“I think this dance was a brilliant idea,” said WSU freshman Johnson Davidson. “It’s bringing new students together, forming new outlets for friendships and a simple reason to get all dressed up and dance the night away. I really hope WSU has another dance soon.”

Lights illuminated the commons area, creating a dance floor for those who wanted to ‘bust a move.’ Students laughed and danced together and at one point formed an enormous dancing line by holding each other’s shoulders while they skipped to the rhythm of the music.

The union building was open to those who needed to use the restrooms and also to let students use the drinking fountains, but many students said they would have liked refreshments to quench their thirst from dancing all night.

Strobe lights reflected off the sparkling sequined masks, while all heels were practically thrown to the side of the dance floor so everyone could continue to dance without falling down.

White balloons bounced around in the wind, making it look like they were bumping to the music. Artificial candles placed in white paper bags lined the sidewalks. The DJ played a mix of upbeat pop music. The tables were directly in front of the doors to the union building for those who needed a break.

“The only thing I would change is how loud the music was playing, especially compared to how quiet the bell tower was I barely knew when to kiss my girlfriend,” said WSU sophomore Justin Sisneros. “Also, next time, I want to go to a dance in a larger group, so I can really dance.”

Many students said they thought the night was a success.

“All I know is I can officially begin my college career knowing I am part of a great community,” said WSU junior Amber Coutee. “I am so excited. I love this school, I love my peers, I love being a part of everything, and WSU makes it really easy to be involved.”

This event was just the beginning of Homecoming Week. There will be a Wildcat pep rally on Sept. 23 at 6 p.m. at The Junction on 23rd Street and Kiesel Avenue, and an on-campus pep rally on Sept. 27 at 6-10 p.m. Students and family can participate in the Young Alumni 5K/Kids K “Run for the Fund of It” on Sept. 28 at 7:30 a.m. Students can get more information about all these upcoming events on the WSUToday link on the main page of the WSU website.