Letter to the Editor: How many bigots does it take to change a light bulb?

How many bigots does it take to change a light bulb?

I always find it astounding the number of close minded people who not only are uninformed, but who then share their uneducated opinions as fact. Not to mention the complete lack of actual facts that were found in Monday’s Letter to the Editor.

There is no direction in this letter.  I have read the letter multiple times and I am still unsure what the point of the letter was other than to put down not only a religion, but also the members of that religion for nothing more than their beliefs.

And just to clear things up, a religion is not made up of only its radicals.  Islam as a religion in and of itself is a peaceful and valid religion that “reflects the peace and love of God through its believers,” as Mr. Jarvis stated a valid religion must do. Some Muslim radicals may have turned to violence in order to gain control, but that is not what the religion as a whole is.  The argument that was made against the Islam religion can be made just as strongly against Christianity.  Do the words Westboro Baptist Church ring a bell?

The negative actions of Muslim extremists are what we hear about in the news and in day to day life.  That doesn’t mean that the entire religion is nothing but extremists.  No one is going to read an article or watch a news special about a man who works hard, prays often, and happens to be Muslim.

Saying that the Islam religion is somehow evil or less than Christianity because of the actions of extremists is the same as saying that Mormons are evil because of the actions of the FLDS.  Both groups are part of the Mormon religion, and both are Christians.  Does that make every member of the LDS church evil because of the actions of an extremist group? No.  And it shouldn’t make every Muslim violent due to the acts of an Islam extremist group.

Ignorance is not okay. Thinking that the religion or type of religion that you are a part of makes you automatically right or superior is not okay.  Accepting everything the media tells you as a complete truth is not okay.  And in my opinion, bigotry is not okay.


Danielle Johnson