Letter to the Editor: How many Muslims does it take to change a light bulb?

How many Muslims does it take to change a light bulb?

Ask the Christians in Egypt that have been physically and sexually assaulted, killed and had their churches, schools, homes and businesses looted and burned by Muslims in the guise of eliminating the light of Christian political opinion. Such religious intolerance and persecution, for material gain, is reminiscent of the Catholic Inquisition, the reign of the Third Reich and early Mormon forced migration and extermination order; and is at the root of Muslim hostility towards Israel.

Now Muslim citizens of the United States are planning a Million-Muslim March on Washington D.C., September 11th of all days,  to protest discrimination since the Muslim razing of the World Trade Center towers and their denial of a building permit for a mosque on that very site.

A valid religion reflects the peace and love of God through its believers.  Islam cannot reflect God’s peace and love because of its governmental nature and the many Islamic factions that function as political parties with adversarial relationships that are always intimidated and often aggravated by terror.

When Islam is practiced as a religion, Muslims will quit using torture, suicide, murder and mayhem as tools for change or for maintaining the status quo or to get gain. They will start heeding their conscience; the light of Christ that every person is born with to know right from wrong, the light they cannot change with guns and bombs, the light Allah will hold them accountable to on Judgment Day.

A peaceful march on another day would be in the right direction.

Michael W. Jarvis

PS: Don’t think for one minute that Syrian rebels wouldn’t use chemical weapons if they had them.  In my opinion, U.S. support for the rebels should be limited to a draft and deployment of the Million-Muslim marchers.