KWCR Album of the Week: Kyle Andrews, 'Brighter Than the Sun'

“Brighter Than the Sun,” the fourth album to come from Kyle Andrews of Nashville, is the quintessential sticky-sweet electropop that teens and indie rockers eat up like candy. Although Andrews’ tunes should be featured on playlists for clothing stores like Forever 21 or H&M, the lyrics in songs like “Crystal Ball” (No. 3) and “Brighter Than the Sun” (No. 8) could also land him an opening gig for some of today’s biggest names in cutesy indie-pop.

Hooky to say the least, “Set Your Heart At Ease” (No. 9)  is an album favorite, with the crowd-enticing, anthem-style chorus and heartwarming lyrics. Sunshine, happiness and love is the song’s motif; the entire album reflects accordingly.

Andrews’ previous album, “Robot Learn Love,” would closely compare to radio hits of the day; think 2011. “The Secret Handshake” comes to mind when comparing similar albums. “Brighter Than the Sun” leaves the cold robots of his 2011 album behind and casts a shadow on any of Andrews’ previous work because it is so bright.

I give the album three stars. It’s an easy listen if you have to drive around town or want to cheer up the workplace. Similar artists I would recommend are Freelance Whales, Youngblood Hawk and Ghost Breach.

KWCR Album of the Week is a collaboration between The Signpost and KWCR. Album review by Raychel Johnson, The Signpost editor-in-chief.