Football holds annual Purple and White Game

(Photo By Jeff Taylor) Braden Corpus, wide receiver, for the Wildcats catches the ball in the annual purple and white game.
(Photo by Jeff Taylor)
Braden Corpus, wide receiver for the Wildcats, catches the ball in the annual Purple and White Game.

The Weber State University football team held its annual Purple and White Game on Saturday. This year, because of the lack of available players, the game was offense versus defense.

Quarterback Jordan Adamczyk, whom head coach Jody Sears has named as the starter in the fall, went 10-14, throwing for 174 yards and three touchdowns. Senior wide receiver Erik Walker caught two of those touchdowns. Braden Corpus, a red-shirt freshman, caught the other touchdown as he finished with six catches for 105 yards.

“Jordan Adamczyk has had a great spring,” Sears said. “I’m really proud of the progress he’s made in continuing to take on that leadership role.”

Sears said he is very excited about the new offense this year.

“We’ve added a new offensive coordinator, Robin Pflugrad — that was a huge pickup for us. Not only is this man a great coach, one of the most respected coaches in this profession, but he is a great man. So what you’re going to see offensively is spread. We are going to spread it out and we are going to go fast, as fast as we possibly can. When you go spread, you can keep it simple. You can be a less-is-more football team. So, offensively, I absolutely love it, because I hate coaching against it . . . and you can’t get fancy defensively.”

The defense also made a few big plays, including one interception and two fumble recoveries.

Before the game, Sears had a conference in which he talked about the biggest things he and the team have been working on since the end of last season.

“After the season, I met with every kid, and we sat down and we talked about what this program needed and where we needed to go,” he said. “And there are two big things that were extremely apparent and deficient in what we needed, and that was our physical strength, because every time we walked there on the field — except for one time, our last game up in Pocatello — we didn’t look like the guys that we were playing. And then, after the ball was snapped, you would say, ‘Yeah, those guys are a little bit bigger, a little stronger, a little tougher than we are.’ Hopefully what you are going to be able to see today is that we are stronger — much, much stronger. We have kept our strength from January. I think with that will come the mental toughness, the work volume we will be able to do. Hopefully what that will mean is stability and consistency.”

Sears said the team also needed to address leadership over the offseason.

“One thing we did in the wintertime was we split the team up into six teams, and we would have these team challenges to earn points. So they’re going out doing community service to get points, to win the weekly challenges. A bunch of our players took the initiative to do a food drive and taking it down to the food bank — just those little things accumulating into leadership.”

After the end of the semester, the football team will have four weeks off, until it starts weight training and conditioning drills from the end of May until the end of July.

Meanwhile, the coaches will head out around the state and the country to continue finding new recruits to bring to Ogden.

“As we go out, if there’s a defensive tackle, a safety and a linebacker that can come in and help us, we gonna go grab them,” Sears said. “That’s on the priority list.”

After conditioning drills, the football team will begin training camp on Aug. 5. WSU will start the football season on Aug. 31 with its home opener against Stephen F. Austin State University.