Playin' on Purple: We've reached the end

This is it, kids. This is the very last Playin’ on Purple column I will ever write for The Signpost. I am graduating this semester and my time here will be over. As per tradition, this is my review not of just the semester, but of my entire time at Weber State University.

First off, I want to acknowledge all the friends I’ve made with my time here. After a very boring freshman year, I decided to get involved, and that’s when the endless list of friends started. I really want to name names, but there are way too many and I don’t want to have to pick favorites. If you read this and think, “Yes, I am her friend,” then yes, you are included in the list. I know I will keep in touch with these people and I will call them friends for the rest of my life.

Everyone says that the friends they make in college are their best friends for life. I can attest to that, and if you don’t feel like you have friends or haven’t made any, get involved with different clubs or organizations and make some. A person can never have too many friends.

I’ve taken some amazing classes here and I’ve learned a lot. I’ve also taken a variety of classes, from history and microbiology to persuasive communication and biographical writing. I have loved my education. I can’t pick a favorite class because there are too many. I guess I’m just a nerd who loves to learn.

One of my favorite moments of being a Wildcat fan, besides the obvious Damian Lillard reign, was when Scott Bamforth made the incredible game-winning half-court shot. I’ve talked about it before, but it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen — the clock ticking down, the ball soaring, the crowd erupting, confetti flying, fans rushing the court. It was a picture-perfect scene, and I was happy to be a part of it.

My favorite thing I’ve ever had to write at The Signpost would have to be the story about Lillard’s announcement. I was very excited and honored to be the one to cover that. I’m going to state the obvious here, but I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed writing this column. It’s pushed me to write things that were out of my comfort zone and made me a better writer.

My favorite memories would have to be the trips I was able to take on behalf of WSU. I went to Maryland and Denver for journalistic conferences and a whole lot of fun.

I got in an epic dance battle with Drew Tyler and lost miserably. I stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and soaked in all of its significance. I rode around Maryland in what we called the “creeper van.” I went into the coolest candy store ever. I ate some good food. I was given an alternate personality. I jumped on the beds in a hotel to House of Pain. I made a ridiculous dance video in a hotel late at night.

Both of those opportunities were so incredible, and the memories will last forever.

I’ve worked really hard these last four years. I’ve gotten good grades. I’ve strived to excel and be the best with the opportunities I’ve been given. I am graduating with zero debt. I’ve made some good friends and even better memories.

Thank you to all those who have read this column, even if it was only once. Thank you to all my professors who have given me knowledge and a new way to look at the world. Thanks to all my friends who have put a smile on my face. Thanks to all the donors who have given me scholarships and help fund my education. Thanks to my family for their support. Thanks to The Signpost and staffers who have given me good experiences and have tested and tried me to become a better person.

I’m going to miss school, but I am glad it’s over. Farewell, WSU. I will always remember you.