PlayStation tour tests newest games on campus

People sat on couches and chairs in the Bell Tower Plaza on Tuesday while they played PlayStation games such as “Metal Gear Rising” and “Dead or Alive 5.” PlayStation

(Photo by: Jeff Taylor) People play "Allstars
(Photo by: Jeff Taylor) People play “All-stars Battle Royale” in the Bell Tower Plaza on Tuesday. PlayStation had a tent set up for students to play the newest games for the PS3 and PlayStation Vita.

set up a tent in the Bell Tower Plaza to let interested attendees try out the newest games.

PlayStation has been traveling the country to college campuses this semester to let students try out games like “God of War: Ascension,” which has not been released. The company is also giving special deals for college students, including discounts on games and gaming consoles.

Over 12 weeks, two teams from PlayStation will go to 40 college campuses up and down the West Coast.

“We’ve really tried to focus on college students in general,” said Luke Moseley, the PlayStation tour manager. “This is just a small part of what PlayStation does overall.”

Moseley said that, though the company focused on bigger campuses in the past, it is also going to some of the smaller universities around the country this year. He said it focuses on campuses that tend to have a larger gamer community, and that some colleges even have PlayStation representatives who are students and show off new games or work with gaming clubs on campus.

Rohan Vajupeyayajula, a Weber State University student getting a BIS in personal training, said he decided to go to the event when he saw it on Instagram and wanted to see if they had the new “God of War” game to play.

“It’s awesome; I love it,” Vajupeyayajula said after he played “God of War: Ascension.” “It has the same controls, but the graphics are a little better . . . I’m going to buy it.”

The event also had a competition to win a PlayStation Vita and two games. The three runners-up received gift bags with hats, USB drives and other prizes. People competed by playing “All-Stars Battle Royale,” a four-player game. There were four rounds, and the people who won those rounds then competed against each other. J.J. Pessetto, a history major, won the competition.

“(The competition) was pretty good,” Pessetto said. “It was a lot tougher than I thought it would be.”

Ryan Goodwin, although not a student, came to the event when he saw a message about it on Facebook. He won the first round of the “All-Stars Battle Royale” competition and came in second overall.

“I already have a Vita and a PS3, but I wanted to win a PS Vita so my wife can have one,” Goodwin said.

On the PlayStation tour, students have a chance to win a PS3. There is a competition against all the students at the campuses the tour has visited. Students have to try and get the most home runs in 10 outs on “Home Run Derby.” The current winner is from California State University and has hit 42 runs in the allowed time period.

Although there is no prize, the tour is also keeping track of the most cumulative home runs each college makes. The University of Arizona is currently in the lead with 1,795.

The PlayStation tent will also be outside tomorrow in the Bell Tower Plaza.