Mullins disqualified from Davis VP candidacy

Josh Mullins, candidate for the Davis campus vice president in the Weber State University Student Association elections, has been disqualified from candidacy as a result of a ruling issued Friday afternoon by the WSUSA Supreme Court.

The court ruled to disqualify Mullins after reviewing an appeal by Alexis Marquez, Davis vice president incumbent.

Marquez filed a grievance against Mullins on Wednesday, stating that his advertisements in WSU computer labs went against election rules.

Election Campaigning Rules state, “No campaigning allowed in the WSUSA Offices (SU 326), inside or within 15 feet of any WSU open or classroom computer lab, or the Stewart Library (except the Honors office).”

The court ruled to disqualify Mullins after reviewing Marquez’s appeal of the Elections Committee’s decision.

The Elections Committee decided no sanction was necessary against Mullins, stating Mullins approached the Elections Committee with his campaign request and was given permission.

The court reversed this ruling today and applied the sanction that Mullins would be disqualified for candidacy for the office of Davis vice president.

In its ruling, the court said that during its investigation of the incident, it uncovered evidence of deceptive conduct on the part of Mullins in acquiring the Election Committee’s formal approval of computer lab advertisement space. The court said computer advertising in campus computer labs is clearly not allowed under Election Rules, and Mullins failed to get formal approval before sending the ad to IT, in direct violation of the request by the Election Committee to do so, only obtaining formal approval after the fact.

Editor’s note: Full story to come.