Playin' on Purple: Another letter to Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

We have come to the blessed time of year when the desolate winter springs into a new life. The snow is beginning to melt, and the sun not only is shining, but we can feel its warmth beating down upon us. This entire week, I have not even worn my big heavy coats, because there is no bitter cold trying to penetrate my bones.

In my last letter to you at this time last year, I was a little concerned you didn’t quite have things together. Last year we barely had any snow, and I was scared that you were going to let it snow when it was time for spring to make its appearance. Luckily, you took my suggestions into consideration and, for the most part, provided us with a beautiful springtime. I am hoping you will do the same this year.

I feel like, in general, you have your stuff together this year. We had a wonderful summer last year, full of vibrant greens and desert heat. The fall was crisp and colorful, and winter has been full of snow. I haven’t seen this much snow in a few years, and I’ve loved every minute of it, but I don’t want any more snow. I want the sun to be shining and melting the winter wonderland we were blessed with.

Much to every snowboarder and skier’s dismay, there should be no more fresh powder for them to plow through. They are just going to have deal with the packed snow on the mountainside. Snowboarders and skiers have had their time. It’s time for spring sports to have their turn.

Softball season is coming up for me. For many people, it’s already here. Weber State University’s softball team and club baseball team have been traveling to warmer parts of the country to start playing the great game. My brother is even going down to Mesquite to play in a tournament next weekend. People are itching to get outside and play, and it would be much more convenient if we could walk out our front doors to play rather than travel to different, warmer parts of the country.

The snow really is great, and I do love and appreciate it, but the age-old disease of spring fever is starting to make its yearly rounds. To suffice our needs and to get everyone off your back, it would be so much easier if you would just stop the snow and bring out the sun. Spring has already started making an appearance. The sun stays out later into the evenings. I can sit in my night class and watch the sunset now. That hasn’t happened in several months.

I’m not saying the snow needs to be gone tomorrow. It can run its course and melt in its on due time, but it just can’t snow anymore. Don’t think about trying to throw me off with sun shining and somehow still manage to snow, like earlier this week. No more of that. I’m not going to tell you to pick one, sun or snow. You don’t have an option anymore. It’s late enough in the year that snow is no longer a necessity.

It is softball season, Mother Nature. I need you to act upon that fact, and give me the sun and warmth and color I need to make that happen.

Thanks for all you do, for you do a lot.


Ready for Spring

P.S. It is spring break this week. SPRING break. I’m just saying.