WSU students ready for spring break

Spring break is on its way, and Weber State University students said they are ready for it.

“I feel that spring break gives us a time to recuperate,” said Chase Ellett, WSU junior. “Oftentimes when I go on spring break and return, I’m more motivated to finish out the semester.”

Many students agreed with Ellett that going on break helps stay ahead of being a burned-out student.

“It gives us a good break, I think,” said WSU student Shalece Samuelsen. “I feel burned out right now, and so I’m looking forward to the break to kind of relax a little bit and not have to stress too much.”

Samuelsen said she will spend most of her break catching up in classes, a task she shares with other WSU students for this spring break. She said she will also be writing a midterm that is due after the break. WSU student Charlee Martin said having homework due after the break puts a damper on it. She said she is happy her break won’t be spent studying for a test right after break.

“With the extra time,” Ellett said, “with spring break, I’m going to get caught up in some other classes and maybe get some snowboarding in too.”

Another big part of students’ breaks will be spent working. Several students said they will pick up more shifts or focus more on their work. Abby Burton said she will focus on her work more during the break because her schedule will be less crazy. For other students, their jobs will be starting again, or the hunt for summer jobs will begin.

“I’m going to start working for spring break,” said Mike Behling, WSU student. “I work for a lawn-fertilizing company, and this is the time of the year that we always happen to start and it always falls on spring break. So I’ll be getting everything ready so that, when the snow melts, we can go out and fertilize lawns.”

Some WSU students said they will go to see their families over the break.

“I plan to hang out with family a lot,” Burton said. “I mean, with school, I haven’t been able to hang out with them. So I’m going to go visit my grandparents one day.”

For some WSU students, seeing family means traveling home, or even going on vacation with their families. Martin said she will spending her trip to Las Vegas with her family. She said she usually works during the breaks, but will also make short trips with her family to Las Vegas or California.

Some students will spend the break just enjoying the time off from school. Other students said they will be working just as hard to get ahead of the game for the rest of the semester.
Burton said spring break is a great time to enjoy the warming-up weather.

“I kind of like it,” Burton said, “because it gets a little bit warmer, so you get more excited. I’m just excited for winter to be over.”

Many students said they are ready for a break from school, although some said they don’t think so necessary to have spring break. Behling said he would rather the semester end a week early instead.

“I think I’d rather just end a week earlier than have a random week in the middle,” Behling said, “because it’s not like everybody stops giving you assignments and tests. You still have stuff you have to work on and projects you have to do over spring break anyway.”