Students discuss Super Bowl commercials

From clips of soldiers reuniting with their families to people making out for what seemed like ages, the commercials during Super Bowl XLVII made an impression on many viewers.

Weber State University senior Jordan Ulibarri said she watches the Super Bowl for the actual game, but also enjoys watching the commercials. She said she liked the Dodge Ram truck commercial about why God created farmers and the Skechers commercial where the runner saves an antelope from a cheetah.

“The Go Daddy one with the people making out, though, that one was pretty gross,” Ulibarri said.

She said there were not as many funny commercials as usual this year and that companies might have been trying to tug on viewers’ heartstrings instead of make them laugh.

Justin Lawrence, Bryce Jacobson and Sterling Lippold, seniors at Roy High School who visited WSU for the annual automotive technology contest, agreed with Ulibarri.

“They really weren’t as funny as they usually are,” Lawrence said.

Jacobson said it seemed to him that many of the commercials were meant to be funny, but simply weren’t.

“They put less comedy in them . . . I think a good commercial has good comedy while still being serious and getting the point across,” Jacobson said.

They all said they didn’t like the kissing Go Daddy commercial.

“I don’t want to see a girl and guy make out for that long on TV,” Jacobson said. “It was just too long and way too weird.”

Jacobson said he did like the Go Daddy commercial urging viewers to register their “big idea” so they can end up on private jets.