Misguided Muse: Runway unveils spring fashion trends

Fashion Week is one of the most important and chaotic times within the fashion industry. This is the week for the debut of what is considered”trendy” by the style gods on high for each season of the year. The runways this year were met with an explosion of similarities between them. Some of the fashions were quite wearable, and some of them were just “what the heck?”

Regardless, here are a few of the trends that are hypothetically going to be “fashionable” during spring 2013. I’ll just leave the interpretation of “fashionable” up to you.

Black and white:

From the various runway pictures I studied, these two classic neutrals were huge in almost every design label. As innovative as this fashion scheme seems, however, it was the patterns and textiles in which the designers used them that made them a bit . . . interesting . . .

There was everything from bold striped suits and dresses to chessboard-patterned gowns and skirts that give the wearer a lovely box-shaped silhouette. It’s also going to be cool to start mixing swirling polka dots into the same pattern as black and white stripes. In fact, cramming as many different patterns as possible onto one dress seems to be a flawless design technique.

In seriousness, I’m actually excited for the black and white that is going to be popularized. It throws something bold into an outfit with solid colors, and black-and-white pieces in general are too easy to find! The only problem I have is the potential of looking like a walking funhouse illusion.


Speaking of funhouses, bold prison stripes are the only favorite pattern this spring, but stripes in general (usually in white with a bold contrasting color) were everywhere. Either created out of entire suits or just decorating pants and skirts, the stripes give a bit of a Beetlejuice/ringmaster feel to an outfit, which is unique.


The designers must have watched the leather jacket craze that’s been going on for a few years and thought, “Why stop with jackets?” There were plenty of all-leather clothing items being displayed. Leather pants. Leather skirts. Leather shorts. An entire leather dress? Leather adds an instant touch of edgy to anything, but wouldn’t too much leather chafe?

Nothing but lace:

Lace and sheer will apparently be in abundance, as many lace-covered gowns that seemed to be shaped around lingerie floated around runways. Sheer layers can add an ethereal look to most anything, and a little lace is a nice contrast to go with all that leather. However, I don’t know how far some people are going to get down the street if it looks like they just threw a negligee over their favorite dress, if they threw it over any additional clothing at all. The key to this might just be all in the layers.

Other miscellaneous trends included colors that would have fit right in with the recent neon ’80s dance — patterns that have been birthed in the exotic East, and heels and flats more pointy than a perfect isosceles triangle.

Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you boys! Ever listen to the popular radio song “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore? Well, men’s clothing for 2013 is continuing with the vintage trend it’s been following for the past year by having you “wear your granddad’s clothes,” but as tighter, more faded and highly priced versions.

Obviously, I am not in possession of a badge with the words “Fashion Police” engraved on it. Wear what you want! I just think clothing trends add something iconic to a generation.
How many people 30 years ago look at what the “young people” wear now and think, “Why would that ever come back? How did I even end up wearing that?” It’s probably because history just can’t help repeating itself, and humans can’t help but cling to what used to signify their youth, even if those memories happen to come in the form of an oddly fringed jacket.