Viewpoint: Grateful for the simple things

Life is pretty good, you know?

And we here at The Signpost are grateful for the simple things. After noticing the recent trend of grateful Facebook status updates and appreciative Twitter feeds, here are a few of our own contributions to the world of gratitude . . .

1. Thick, new pairs of socks.

2. Accidentally getting someone else’s food at the drive-thru window. It’s good to shake things up sometimes.

3. Bill Murray movies.

4. Cleaning out the dark recesses of the closet and finding your favorite Ninja Turtles action figures and then playing with them for an hour.

5. Going on a blind date, expecting to be paired up with Barath-Og the Dragon Woman or Dwight Schrute, but actually meeting a really nice girl/guy who ends up becoming a good friend.

6. Friends who can laugh at the little things you do, but never dislike you for them.

7. Extreme conservatives and liberals, because they give us someone to make fun of and make us feel reasonably normal.

8. Professors who call the day before a break a “self-directed work day.” Bless them, and give them tenure.

9. Old paperback books that can be reread countless times.

10. The Muppets.

11. Leftovers that taste better the second day.

12. The infinite possibilities of the light bulb joke. Fifty years from now, there will be an English class devoted entirely to the subtle intricacies of light bulb jokes.

13. Also, limericks. Try having a limerick-writing contest with someone. It’s fun and educational.

14. Mormons/feminists/athletes/bankers/Estonians/elderly folks who find it humorous to be made fun of, instead of just being offended by everything.

15. When little kids swear but don’t know what they’re saying.

16. Tater tots.

17. Finding a forgotten candy bar in a desk at work. Just try not to be happy when that happens. “Oh, man . . . a candy bar. That’s horrible!”

18. Foreign professional athletes who learned all of their English from other American professional athletes. (“Ya, we just is going to need give our A-game over 100 percent and you know, yeah. And crash de boards more so coach is happy man.”)

19. Finding a shirt that’s already ironed when you’re in a hurry to get out the door.

20. Watching two dogs bark at each other through a fence. What’s all the fuss about?

21. GOOD cartoons, like “Looney Tunes” or “Animaniacs.” None of this “Shiat-su, Princess Warrior of the Dead and Also Small Cute Pink Things” garbage that kids watch these days.

22. Thanksgiving decorations you made in elementary school that your mom still puts out.

23. People who can sit down and have a long conversation and don’t see it as a waste of time.

24. Accidentally falling asleep on soft, fuzzy carpet as the sun hits you through a window, then waking up and realizing it was only 10 minutes, but feeling like you could run a marathon.

25. Running into an ex and seeing them with someone who’s even goofier-looking than you are. With less hair.