Viewpoint: Can you be too old for some things?

When are you considered too old for certain things? Is it when you’re wearing orthopedic shoes and walking around with a Pikachu on your head? Or maybe you’re too old when you go shopping and your granddaughter wants the same sweater?

Sure, you can go by the old idiom “you’re only as young as you feel,” but you can feel young and still act like an adult. Here’s a list we’ve compiled of things we can outgrow and when we should think about putting them aside.

Shopping in the juniors section: All right, let’s admit that the juniors section is probably going to have cuter, comfier clothes, but adulthood isn’t always about comfort. When you have kids (or, heaven forbid, grandkids) who can shop in this section, you should probably stop. There are good things in the adult section now, too.

Clubbing: There’s a difference between going to a club, having a drink, chatting/dancing with friends, and bumping and grinding up on some strangers. If you have kids who are old enough to sneak into a club (or if most of the patrons in the club could be your kids), you should probably choose a different venue.

Living with parents: This is a tricky one to answer. First, given that most of us are poor college students (emphasis on the “poor”), let’s assume that a lot of us younger ones are living with our parents. That’s fine, as long as you’re not wasting the opportunity that free housing is giving you for an education. Parents usually want to help us, even if we have to move back in for a bit to get on our feet after a rough patch. But if you’re 45, never left the house, and still trying to “find yourself,” you should probably move out and look somewhere else.

Trick-or-treating: Honestly, if you are old enough to drive (whether or not you do is another subject altogether), then you should go get your own candy. Leave the door-to-door fun for the small children and go enjoy a party or scary movie.

Cartoons: OK, it’s true that we have recently been inundated with overseas animation that is often considered quite adult-oriented. But, as far as good old-fashioned American ‘toons, you should probably stop watching them when they become your child’s favorites. (And you should probably go easy on the foreign cartoons, too.) We did agree, however, that you are never too old for a good cartoon movie.

Video games: This is still evolving, since we are the “video game generation.” First, there are more games geared specifically to adults/mature audiences than to children nowadays. Because it’s something that can be considered entertainment, like movies, there probably isn’t an age yet that is too old for games. Just remember that if the games are a more prominent part of life than things like work or kids and you’re in your 50s, then you should probably consider putting the controller down.

So be as young as you feel, but do it like an adult.