The inevitable reactions to first snowfall

For the beginning of the school year, the only complaint on students’ lips while making the voyage across campus is “why is campus all uphill?” However, the minute the snow begins to fall, a sudden change in descriptors arises. Those who once complained of the difficult uphill battle now complain about the downhill slide. These opposite complaints have a way of mirroring the opposite responses to snowy days. With our first glimpse of snow for the year out of the way, the floodgates opened to opinion-smearing all over the Internet.

Just like a filler for awkward silence in a conversation, Facebook statuses, tweets, Instagram photos and blog rants all have the same topic today: weather. With every scroll around the Webs, I see a complicated love-hate relationship unravel between people and the snowy season. Some people have gone so far as to threaten hibernation for the season, while others have wholeheartedly committed their love of the snow and all the activities it entails.

Those who love the snow talk up all the activities associated with the change in weather. Although it’s still a little early to partake in some of these activities, the excitement of snowboarding, sledding and doing donuts in vacant, snow-covered parking lots is all the talk.

We all know, by the time the first snowflake has touched the dew-covered grass or busy highway, some enthusiast is tweeting about playing Christmas music. The connection between snow and Christmas could be the silver lining for the anti-snow people; however, they should be worried their public cursing of snow will get them put on Santa’s naughty list.

The anti-snows seem to be updating their statuses with pure hatred of the cold and daydreaming of living in the summer sun again. They are taunted by the thought of warm drinks, fireplaces and big-jacket weather. Not even the idea of making a friendly snowman can shake anti-snows out of their fuzzy socks and into some snow boots.

Another big topic chiming into networking sites around this time of year is driving. While the snow enthusiasts are purposefully sliding their cars around snow-covered roads, anti-snows are complaining about how terrible driving in the snow is and, even worse, how terrible drivers are in the snow. It is as if, on the first day of snowfall, every driver has forgotten just how to navigate in the wet weather. One would think having a Utah license plate would mean remembering that driving in the snow is what you do most of the year. If one’s status is not about how terrible another driver is in the snow, but about how scary it is to drive in the snow, it is safe to assume that they are the terrible driver being referenced in the previous status.

While, for some, seeing the crisp new snow on the mountains means getting out and having some fun, others can’t help but pull the blankets back over their heads in hopes of staying warm. Whether you are pro-snow or anti-snow, you have to admit it’s time to update your status, tweet, blog and Instagram about putting away your canvas shoes and throwing on your warmest coats.