Booth advertises student senate

One of the goals this year for the Weber State University Student Senate, according to Legislative Vice President Brady Harris, is to get the word out about the senate and what it does. On Tuesday, the senators set up a table to advertise themselves and make people more aware of what they do.

The table was in the Shepherd Union Atrium from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The tables will change locations, in order to get the attention of different students on campus. The next location will likely be in the plaza between the Engineering Technology Building and the Technical Education Building. Tuesday’s table offered popcorn, and Kimmy Tribe, the College of Education senator, said there will be different food each time.

“This is how we connect to the students,” said Tribe, who organized the senate tables.

Students can write on index cards problems they are having on campus and pin them up on a corkboard next to the table. At the end of the table hours, the senate takes the suggestions and brings them up in the next senate meeting.

“I think it’s good to get face time with the students,” Tribe said. “We are here to represent them, so it’s great if they recognize our faces and feel comfortable approaching us and talking to us later if they need us.”

The senate also told students to come to the senate meetings if they have issues they want to discuss. Students can go to the meetings on Mondays at 2:30 p.m. and discuss their issues in the open forum.

“I think (the senate) is something that students don’t necessarily know about or know exactly what they do,” Tribe said. “They may have heard of it, but they don’t know what their senators are for or what they do.”

The tables will be up twice a month on the first Monday and the third Tuesday of every month.

Jenny Whitecar, a general studies major, said she had not heard of student senate, but would like to know more about it. Whitecar said she had an issue she could bring up to the senate.

“There needs to be more parking for the ‘W’ lots,” she said.

Whitecar said she has seen some of the student senate’s advertising in the bathrooms in the Shepherd Union Building.

During the senate meeting on Monday, the senate chose the name for the new Stromberg Gym expansion. The construction for the expansion will start at the end of November, and the gym will be open around next fall.

The name of the gym remains the C. William Stromberg Complex, but the senate could name the expansion because student fees paid for it. There was about a $5 increase in student fees to pay for the expansion.

The name proposed by the executive committee of the building, which consisted of Harris and some administrators, was the Student Recreation Center. The senate decided on the name Wildcat Recreation Center.

“I wanted the students to be able to have a voice in the matter,” Harris said.

The name the senate picked will be submitted back to the executive committee, which can either approve the name or ask the senate to pick something else. Campus Recreation will also submit a name and the senate will vote on it on Oct. 22.