College of Arts and Humanities holds tattoo art contest

The College of Arts and Humanities is hosting a temporary tattoo art contest. Students within the college can submit art entries for the tattoos, and the dean of the college will wear the winner’s tattoo.

The contest first started when Diane Stern, the director of cultural affairs at Weber State University, received temporary tattoos at a conference she went to.

The contest opened on Oct. 1 and ends on Oct. 26. When the contest ends, people will be able to vote on the art entries on the college Facebook page and on Pinterest.

“It needs to visually represent the College of Arts and Humanities as a part of Weber State, but we definitely want to emphasize the College of Art and Humanities,” said Whitney Sanchez, the college office assistant and social marketer for the event.

Three winners’ entries will be chosen and turned into temporary tattoos. Each design will have 1,000 tattoos printed to start with. The college might print more or even do the contest again.

“Who knows what will happen?” Stern said. “We’ll see what this one does.”

The college plans to give the tattoos away at its events, such as performances and visual art exhibitions. The college also wants to give them out wherever it would have a booth, such as student orientations or the Block Party.

“We just want to see what our students can do,” Sanchez said. “We want them to have fun and play around with the ideas.”

Sanchez said this fits in with the other events the college does.

The dean of the college, Madonne Miner, will wear the winning tattoos. Sanchez said Miner has been supportive of the idea from the start, and she donated the money for the tattoos.

“It’s a fun way for the students to get their artwork out,” Sanchez said. “It’s also good for us to have something that represents our college and our students.”

The entries need to be two inches by two inches, and there cannot be any white in the designs. The submissions should be e-mailed to Sanchez at [email protected] Each entry must be submitted as a .jpeg or a .pdf file.