Students share tips for pleasing professors

With the fall semester at Weber State University almost halfway finished, students are finally getting used to their schedules and classes. One thing that can remain a mystery, though, is how to impress professors and stay on their good sides.

Several students gave their opinions on how they have accomplished this task.

“One of the most important things to get on the teacher’s good side is to always show up to class,” said Kerilee Adami, a senior studying human performance management.

She also said it is important to arrive on time with assignments or readings done, ready to participate in the lecture.

Adami is also a cheerleader at WSU, so athletic events or away games cause her to miss classes occasionally. She said her best tip for athletes who miss class is to always be in contact with their professors.

She also said students involved with athletics should be upfront about their situations and give their instructors a schedule of when they will be missing class.

Monica Richards, a pre-med student in her junior year, said she thinks impressing professors is the same for all majors.

“It is important to think critically about what you hear, ask questions and always participate in class discussions,” Richards said.

She also said she thinks too many students just sit passively in class and don’t engage their brains. She said it is important to be genuinely interested in the course material.

One way students can stay connected with their instructors is through Canvas. Nick Wilcox, a WSU student majoring in technical sales, said Canvas is the best way he stays up to date about what is happening in class, such as when the schedule or syllabus is changed.

“I think the main thing that helped me was having my Canvas on my phone,” Wilcox said. “Any time there was a change to the schedule or a due date was coming up, I was notified.”

He said he always has his phone with him, which makes it easy to stay up to date on class activity.

“Being friendly with my professors always helps me connect well with them, and vice versa,” he said.

Wilcox said he believes staying on a professor’s good side is always something students should strive for.

Kandyce Crown, an early childhood education major, said her advice for other students lies in three tips.

“It’s easy: Show up to class, don’t text because that shows disrespect, and do the work,” she said.

Crown said of the three, students texting bothers her the most.

“(Professors) take time out to teach us, and they deserve all the attention and respect we can give them,” Crown said.