Water fight marks end of Rush Week

Members of Weber State University’s Phi Theta Xi and Delta Chi Nu met on Saturday with those who wish to join their organizations for an afternoon water fight and other activities meant to wrap up WSU’s own Rush Week.

The event was geared toward those who have expressed interested in joining the fraternity or sorority.

“It’s a lot of fun,” said Daniel Pittman, the WSU Greek Council president, about Greek life at WSU. “I don’t think college life is complete without being a part of Greek life; it’s just not the same. Being part of this group means we have way more fun than everybody else.”

This will be Pittman’s second year being a part of Phi Theta Xi. He said belonging to the organization completely changed his experience at WSU, allowing him to make new friends and rejuvenating his college experience.

“Before I was a part of Greek life,” he said, “campus life was mostly just studying, and now if I have work to do, I can’t even walk through the union because I’ll get waved down by a bunch of friends and won’t be able to get work done.”

The water fight marked the end of Rush Week. Members of the fraternity and sorority and those looking to join met behind the community center of University Village for the fight and several hours of outdoor activities.

“It’s the last activity of our Rush Week,” said Taylor Kipp, the vice president for Phi Theta Xi. “We’re going to have some activities with water, we’re going to have a good time. We’re going to have huge water fights, and we’re going to play volleyball.”

The fraternity and sorority was also planning a last-minute activity at the nearby Pineview Reservoir as a fun event for potential new members.

“We may have a surprise in store for the potentials (people looking to join),” Kipp said. “We’re probably going to head up to Pineview, but they don’t know about that, so we’ll see how they react. We’re going to have a good time today.”

The name “Rush Week” comes from other universities that have larger Greek societies who will rush from house to house on campus in one evening trying to get bids, a type of invitation.

“Rush Week, for us, because we’re the only fraternity on campus right now and Delta Chi Nu is our sister sorority, means we do a lot of our activities together,” Kipp said, “(like) a week of free activities for people to come out and have a good time and get to know us and see if they want to join.”

WSU’s Greek organizations aim to develop excellence in leadership, scholarship, service, brotherhood and sisterhood.