Boulder to commemorate bookstore's 100th birthday

(Photo by Cade Clark) The 65,000-pound boulder will complete the new Tracy Plaza between the Shepherd Union Building and the Browning Center.

To commemorate Weber State University’s bookstore’s 100th anniversary, 65,000 pounds of solid earth were placed in Tracy Plaza Monday. This new feature is not only meant to beautify campus, but the boulder with accompanying landscaping will also provide alumni and current students a place to take pictures and gather, according to Travis Hogge, project manager on the Tracy Plaza development.

The newly renovated Tracy Plaza will include trees, benches and a water feature. Hogge said the plaza will be a place where students can enjoy the grass and water.

“It will be a signature place for people to get their photos taken,” he said, “a place where people can go sit and contemplate.”

Hogge said although the new gathering place was scheduled to be finished by Homecoming, the project could take up to two more weeks to complete. Once finalized, Tracy Plaza will feature a desert-themed streambed and the boulder will have a giant “flaming W” etched into the front. A 100-year medallion for the campus bookstore will also be placed on the boulder.

boulder and crane
(Photo by Cade Clark) The crane used to bring in the boulder is one of the largest in the western US. The boulder will be etched with a “flaming W” and a medallion to commemorate the campus bookstore’s 100-year anniversary.