Students share views on new semester

Weber State University’s fall semester started Aug. 27. Not all WSU students feel the same way about a new semester starting. Some students say they are excited, while others claim to be nervous or even frightened.

Many WSU students use the Shepherd Union Building as a place to meet up.

Along with the varying reactions to a new semester comes the different reasons; some students love to learn, others look forward to socializing, and others anticipate the opportunities afforded them by a higher education.

Natalie Barcelo is a sophomore who just switched her major from human resource management to communication. She said she switched because the human resource management major required a lot of math classes she didn’t want to take.

Barcelo said she is excited for the new semester.

“I think I like the atmosphere,” Barcelo said. “I just love seeing all the college students here.”

John Kitchen, a senior studying cultural anthropology, said he is excited for this semester, even though he anticipates it will be his toughest course load yet. All of his courses are at the 3000 level or higher.

Kitchen is also working on a minor in Japanese. He said with his education he hopes to travel the world and study different cultures.

Adrianna Allred, another senior, is working toward dual bachelor’s degrees in social work and psychology. She  said she also plans to minor in communication.

“I’m excited to get back into classes, get back in the swing of school semester, and get back into learning,” Allred said.

Allred said she’s always been excited about school and is not experiencing senioritis.

Faisal Alali, a sophomore working on his degree in accounting, said he especially enjoys the beginning of fall semesters.

“The fall semester is always nice because you get to see new faces; different spirit, you know, different people are more energetic and enthusiastic and optimistic about stuff,” Alali said.

Alali is from Kuwait. He said he stopped in Ogden while visiting the United States in 2006. He said when he was applying for schools, WSU came to mind, so he applied.

He said he thinks WSU is great, except for the parking.

As much as Alali enjoys WSU, he doesn’t plan on staying in Ogden forever.

“I’m looking to obtaining my master’s degree and getting my CPA and then heading back home from there,” Alali said.

Abbie Isaac is a new student at WSU. This is her first semester of college, and she said her current plan is to earn her associate’s degree. Isaac said she doesn’t know what she wants to major in yet.

“It’s kind of overwhelming, you know, because of all the classes and stuff, but hopefully I’ll get used to it,” Isaac said.

Isaac’s course load is 15 credits. She said the university setting is overwhelming because she has to figure out her schooling by herself for the most part.

“I haven’t ever really done anything by myself, you know, because in high school you have counselors who tell you what to do,” Isaac said.

Isaac said she hopes that as she gets used to college life, it will get easier and less frightening.