CIC to help students give back in 2012-13

As Weber State University students return to school from the summer break, each class gives requirements and assignments. Many classes at WSU require a minimum number of service hours in the community as part of a student’s final grade.

The Community Involvement Center gives opportunities for students involved at WSU to volunteer their time and serve their community in an organized and official manner. Since the CIC was formed in 2007, WSU students have given more than 618,000 hours of service collectively.

“We love to volunteer, and we also love to go and find out about our community partners and what they do,” said Greg Noriega, a work-study student for the CIC. “(That way) when students come in, we can share our experiences and see what (their) hobbies are, so if they have the same hobbies, they will keep volunteering.”

The CIC works through its community partners — community organizations that can register with the CIC to invite those students looking for opportunities to serve at their organization.

The Service Opportunity Directory found on the CIC homepage shows the many organizations, opportunities and capacities through which a student can serve.

“We want to find the best community partner for the student — we are all about matching,” Noriega said. “We want to find a good match to the student and for the partner. Our duty is really to both of these groups. We want to make sure these community organizations get a student who in interested in what (the group) is doing and willing to come in and put forth their time to really do something great and useful for the organization — that’s key. We want to make sure that student . . . is being used in a way that they are contributing and enjoying the experience . . . If we can help in that process in any way, then we are doing our job.”

A list of official CIC events and opportunities to serve can also be found at the CIC offices in the Shepherd Union Building, as well as on the homepage of the CIC website.

This year’s opportunities include:

  • Adrian Maxson Day of Service, Aug. 30 — This event will be held at the Ogden Nature Center from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Volunteer Fair, Sept. 12 Many community organizations will be available to contact as well as provide information about their specific organizations.
  • Make a Difference Day, Oct. 27
  • Volunteer Fair, Jan. 16
  • Martin Luther King Week of Service, Jan. 21-26
  • WSU Day at the Capitol, Feb. 7