Opposing Viewpoint: Vote for Romney

The 2008 presidential election was two months before my 18th birthday, so I wasn’t able to vote. I consider myself a patriotic person, and I am eternally grateful for the freedoms we have in the great USA, so back then I was a little bummed about not being able to vote. This year, I do get to vote, and I am excited to participate and fulfill my duty as a citizen of this country.

Although I am excited to vote, I haven’t paid any attention to the campaigns or the candidates’ platforms. To be completely honest, politics scare me. After I did my homework, I am more in favor of Governor Mitt Romney.

First off, I love Romney’s outlook on gun control. I believe the Second Amendment is essential to the proper functioning of a free society. Romney strongly supports the right of all LAW-ABIDING Americans to exercise their right to own firearms for LAWFUL purposes (hunting, recreational shooting, self-defense, protection of friends and family). Just want to point out here that killing someone is not lawful.

Romney does not believe there needs to be additional laws that restrict the right to bear arms. He believes in safe, responsible ownership and that the current laws need to be enforced better. So do I.

Romney wants to preserve Social Security. As a young adult in this abounding nation, I want my Social Security preserved. First, he proposes that Social Security should be adjusted for future generations (like myself and all of you), and that the retirement age should slowly increase to account for the longer lives we are projected to live. Second, he believes benefits should continue to grow, but growth rate should be lower for those with higher incomes. These are two simple changes with no change in benefits for those already near retirement. Romney is committed to saving Social Security.

Romney believes the words in the Constitution have meaning. The Founding Fathers created a written constitution for a reason. They set up the balance of powers so that no branch of the government has more power than another. Romney believes in the rule of the law and will make nominations to the Supreme Court who are wise and restrained judges.

After taking a communication law class this summer, I realized how important good justices have to be — justices who stand by what they believe but also know the Constitution and appropriate meanings and interpretations of the words within it.

These are only a few of the reasons I felt strongly enough to write about, but there are so many other reasons to vote for Romney. I am going to vote for him, but make sure you do your own research and check into all the issues before you vote. It’s important to know what you are voting for.