WSU and NCUR students party

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Students play billiards during the Purple Crush party in the Shepherd Union.

Weber State University students and students visiting campus for the National Conference for Undergraduate Research partied together Friday night in the Shepherd Union Building at the Purple Crush party sponsored by the WSU Student Association.

Chad Mosher, the associate director of the Shepherd Union Building, says that this is the last big day of the conference, and they wanted to throw a party to combine WSU students with the students here for NCUR.

The party included a dance in the Atrium, free bowling and billiards, an oxygen bar, spray on tattoos, and free food and drinks courtesy of Sodexo and Coca Cola.  Jamba Juice also stayed open late for the party.

“I’ve had students come up to me and say, ‘This is so cool!’” said Vanessa Phelps, the director over campus events and activities. “It’s awesome to be able to meet all these new people. I wish campus was like this all the time!”

Upon entering the Union, each person received one of 2,000 wristbands so WSUSA and Shepherd Union staff could keep track of how many people attended.

Phelps said that attendance for the party was so high, it was hard to fit everyone in the union.

Nicole Brook, a high school student, heard about the event through Facebook and asked a bunch of friends to come with her.

Sasha Vigeler, WSU junior, said she was enjoying the event, and that the free food was awesome.

Cynthia Ulrich, WSU student body vice president over events, attended the party with her husband Ryan.

“My favorite part has been meeting people from NCUR,” she said. “They’re from all over the nation!”

Cynthia was looking forward to creating a name for WSU. She hopes that people enjoy their stay and are excited to come back.

“I think it’s a good time,” said Quinton Jones, a student from Columbus, Ohio, visiting WSU for NCUR. “I get to meet people from all over. It’s a beautiful campus. I love the mountains.”

Diew Buffy, another student from Columbus, Ohio, visiting with NCUR, said he enjoyed the party and his overall experience at WSU.

“I think it’s a beautiful campus,” Buffy said. “I haven’t met many of the students here, but the volunteers are all really nice.”