Playin' On Purple – My new track and field experience

I have started coaching the throwers on a high school track and field team. I have realized a few things, learned a few things and remembered a lot of things from being back around high school and one of my favorite sports.

The first day I went to practice, I realized how glad I am that I am not in high school anymore. My athletes were talking/gossiping about this and that and the drama at school. I don’t miss high school drama at all. I don’t think anyone does.

After listening to their conversations and observing their behavior, I realized how annoying they are. Instantly, I think I was never this annoying in high school. There is just no possible way. But looking back I probably was. I now want to go and apologize to my coaches, teachers and parents for my annoyingness back then.

I have learned patience. Sometimes the things I tell them to do don’t work right off the bat. All I want is for them to get it, but I give them time, and they get it, and it works. It’s exciting for both me and the athletes. But I have to be patient with them and let them get it because I can’t throw for them (no matter how much I want to).

My favorite thing about coaching is the constant reminders I have about my times throwing in high school. I miss just hanging out at practice with my other thrower boys. I miss track meets. I miss being in shape. I miss the goofing off. I miss the feeling of the disc coming out of my hand. I miss my friends. I miss my coach (I call him if I have questions about what I am doing).

There are a lot of things I miss about the fun times I had. I wouldn’t go back if I had the chance because I wouldn’t do anything differently. I cherish the memories I had of my days at track. Even writing this I am smiling because a flood of happy memories just swarmed my mind. I love those days.

I have only been coaching for a few weeks, and I have already got a ton of new memories. For example, one of the boys, Gibby, kicked me in the face with a soccer ball last week. It stung for a while, but we mostly laughed at it. It’s a memory none of us will forget.

I was scared at first to go back and coach. I was never the best in the state, and I never took first in a meet. I felt insecure and unworthy to coach something I was never number one at. But I knew how to throw. I know the basics and all the little things (there are a lot) that a person needs to do to be able to throw. After two days of practice I became confident, and I love coaching.

I love seeing their faces light up when they throw far. I love seeing the technique I teach them fit together when they throw. It’s a satisfying feeling. I love coaching and helping the kids find success. I certainly wouldn’t mind coaching for my job.

Coaching is a new experience for me, but I love being back around the track and field atmosphere. I love helping the athletes. And I love the new memories I am forming.