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Playin' On Purple: March Madness

This is not your typical March Madness column.

March Madness is the NCAA finals. Everyone should know that. This is one of the biggest and most anticipated sporting events in the country. It’s right up there with the World Series and the Super Bowl.

Here is the thing about me and March Madness: I. Do. Not. Care. Yeah, you read that right. People expect me to watch it, predict it and love it.

I am not going to watch it. I don’t have time to watch it. It’s getting closer to the end of the semester. Between the massive amounts of homework, my three jobs and the new coaching gig I have, my free time will be spent working out and doing homework.

I can’t predict the games if I have not watched any other college games besides the Big Sky Conference. If I were to fill out a bracket, I would pick the teams that (A) have cool mascots, (B) have cool colors (most definitely a team with purple in their colors is going to win the entire tournament) and (C) are the most talked-about and most well known.

Funny thing about my bracket — it would probably work out a lot better than the people who are well educated and analysts of the tournament. And it’s all because I like pretty colors and awesome animals.

I went into March Madness this year bound and determined that I was going to pay attention. I was going to fill out a bracket, check on the scores every day, watch as much of the games as I could. That just isn’t happening.

No matter how much I wanted to, I can’t bring myself to actually care about March Madness. My friends, family and co-workers totally expected me to be into it. I am the sports girl. I am supposed to care. Well, that’s me, going against everyone’s stereotypes and doing my own thing.

If WSU was in the March Madness, I probably would have paid more attention. No, I wouldn’t have paid attention because I would have had to. It would have been because I wanted to. But WSU did not make it in, as we all know (blasted Montana. I’m just saying).

Right now I am just speculating with “if-that” statements. Speculation gets us nowhere. This is how it is. I don’t care about March Madness because I have no desire to. I have tried to stay up to date with the tournament happenings in the past and can’t get into it.

I am probably the most selective sports fan in the world. The sports I like I don’t just like; I obsessively love. The sports I don’t like I tend to flat-out ignore. It’s something I am working on. I don’t like the NBA, and I have actually semi-followed the Jazz this year, opposed to the other years where I care about playoff season and the games I go to.

Next year, I am going to care about March Madness. I am going to research the teams that make it in and I am going to make educated picks. Just for kicks, I will pick one with colors and mascots and such. But that stuff is all next year. This year, I just don’t care.

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