Senate confirms new WSU justice

Weber State University’s student senate voted Monday on the newest member of the WSU Supreme Court, Sam Knight.

After a session of questions, the senate took a vote. After the votes were counted, Knight was sworn in as associate justice by the chief justice of the supreme court Chelsea Winslow. The oath was taken during the senate meeting immediately after the votes were counted.

“I think you’re great, and you have been very well prepared,” said Andrew Gardiner, senator of economics and business to Knight before the vote.

Knight is a political science major hoping to get into law school and then later go into congressional law.

“I’m really interested in constitutional law,” Knight said, “and like our student senate here at Weber State as well, [the supreme court] really mirrors the United States government. Since I’m interested in constitutional law, it’s useful to get this kind of experience.”

Although the school year is almost over, Knight and the other supreme court members will not have to be reelected after this semester ends. The positions are open to them for the rest of the year. The supreme court has three members: one chief justice and two associate justices. The opening for Knight’s position was open after the last member resigned. During the rest of this semester, Knight said that he is hoping to get the word out about the supreme court and continue the programs that the supreme court has planned.

One of Knight’s main goals while in the supreme court is to raise more awareness about it.

“I didn’t even know it existed before,”Kight said, “and if I have had a problem, that would have been great to bring it to someone instead of just a teacher who may not know exactly what to do.”

The supreme court’s job is to help students who have problems relating to WSU’s constitution.

“Constitutionally,” Knight said, “any time a student has a problem or if there is any petition or if they feel like anything the senate has done that is unconstitutional — because there is a WSUSA constitution — if they ever feel like there is a problem, then they appeal to the court and we make a decision.”

They also verify the student election results and sponsor other programs.

The next event that the supreme court is holding is called Free Legal Advice Day on March 7. A lawyer will come in and answer general questions about taxes for students in the Fireplace Lounge.

“Not only can the supreme court act as what it is constitutional for Weber State,” Knight said, “but it can also be a source for people who are interested in law just to kind of get a feel of how it works here and how it does in the actual government of the United States.”

There is another position open within the supreme court called an ombudsman.

“It’s a volunteer position,” Winslow said. “They’re basically a liaison for us, representing us.”

The supreme court can be found through the Student Involvement Center.