Nathan's Notations: Big Sky basketball scenarios

Last week, Weber State University dropped a heartbreaker to Idaho State University, putting WSU into a tie for first place with the University of Montana. It looks like the Big Sky title may come down to the wire.

The best-case scenario for WSU is if the Grizzlies lose another game before the two teams meet up again on the final day of the regular season.

There is a chance this could happen, with UM having to play two games against in-state rival Montana State University.

MSU is currently third in the Big Sky, and is ranked 6-3 in conference play. While it hasn’t had the strongest year, you can never count out what may happen in a rivalry game. MSU could easily knock off the Grizzlies before the end of the year.

If the Grizzlies do lose a game before the game against WSU, the Wildcats will have the advantage. UM would have to knock off the ’Cats, then hope that the tiebreaker would fall its way.

In the event of a tie in the Big Sky Conference, the first tiebreaker is who won regular season matchups. If UM beats the Wildcats in Montana, each team will have one win, and will go to the second tiebreaker.

The second tiebreaker is the record against other Big Sky teams. Currently both teams are tied with eight conference wins and only one loss.

The next tiebreaker is Relative Power Index, which is basically strength of schedule. Right now, WSU has a higher RPI than Montana.

If, after those three tiebreakers, the teams are still deadlocked, the conference winner would be decided by a coin flip.

Hopefully, when the Wildcats and Grizzlies meet on the last day of the regular season, WSU will have at least a one-game advantage.

WSU is the better team. They proved that when they played UM earlier this season and easily beat them at home, but UM may be bolstered by playing at home if a strong crowd turns out.

The Grizzlies have been strong at home this season, with a 9-2 record in Missoula. The Wildcats will also have the added advantage of a full-strength Kyle Bullinger.

Bullinger was recently back from an injury and wasn’t very effective against the Grizzlies earlier this season. But now he is healthy, and recently played his best game of the season, scoring 12 points.

With Bullinger in full force, the Wildcats should be able to beat UM in Montana and secure the Big Sky Conference title.

Assuming that WSU can win the regular season title and have the Big Sky Conference tournament in Ogden, there is a pretty good chance they will be heading to the NCAA tournament.

Despite last week’s loss to ISU, WSU is still one of the best teams in the Big Sky. They have the most scoring threats and the best player in the league, Damian Lillard.

This WSU team has the most potential of any team in the conference, and has a chance to make an impact on the national stage.

As the season wraps up, it will be exciting to see how the drama between WSU and UM plays out, with both teams fighting hard for the right to host the conference tournament. There will be a lot of tension and drama going into the last game of the year.

One thing’s for certain: It will make for some great entertainment.