Viewpoint: Signpost New Year's resolutions

Welcome to the 2012 spring semester. We hope that everyone had a great winter break. We hope that everyone got everything they wanted from Santa Claus. We hope you had a great New Year’s Eve, whatever it may have included.

With the New Year, the tradition is usually to take a minute and pick out some New Year’s resolution. People pick out things they want to work on, improve on and change about their lives.

Last year, The Signpost declared its New Year’s resolution was to push our content online. Our staff got Twitter accounts to tweet out stories and breaking news. We started putting stories and photos on the WSU Signpost Facebook page, which you should like if you have not yet (make it your resolution). We also got a brand-new website, and we have started collaborating with Weber State News to make our website more multimedia-friendly.

Before we even consider what is going to go into the print edition of the paper, we put all of our content online. We put the stories online before we put them on the print page.

The Signpost staff’s adviser even made the “Fedora of Digital Prowess” Award to help motivate us to focus on online content and digital awareness. We have sincerely tried to make our news and content more available on the Internet for you. We have made significant progress on our resolution.

This year, our resolution is going to be very similar. We want to continue to make our news more readily available to you. Because everyone’s first instinct is to go to the Internet to find news or verify information, we want to make it so that everything you need to know is on the Web, via Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube.

We also want to make a more concise effort to collaborate with Weber State News. We want to make sure that every possible news medium is available at your fingertips.

The Signposters have set another goal: to report news you want to hear. But we can only do that if you guys contact us. Call our offices, e-mail us, post on our Facebook wall, tweet at us, come to the office on a Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday, write us a letter to the editor, or comment on our Wake Up Wildcats videos on YouTube. We are always available.

We are constantly looking for story ideas. Sometimes the best news stories come from tips from you. This past fall, we broke the “Snakes on Campus” story from a tip from one of our readers. Our material is largely dependent on students, both in making it happen and making us aware of it.

So, as a staff, our New Year’s resolution is to deliver you the most accurate and interesting material possible, and not just on the printed page. We’d also like to thank you, our readers and all of Weber State University in general, for making The Signpost possible. Let’s make it a newsworthy year.