The many costs of graduation

Decorations set out at grad finale along with graduation attire.

There are many costs associated with graduating. Many of these costs are well understood, like the application fee, the fee to walk, the cost of the gown and the diploma with its particular frame. However, Weber State University does not charge for applying or walking for graduation, graduates’ caps, gowns and cords.

When it comes to tassels, students have the option of purchasing a commemorative tassel from the Wildcat Store for $15.

For many, a Stole of Gratitude is important as they are sashes worn during graduation with a personal thank-you note to whoever was important during the student’s path to graduating.

After a student walks, they take the stole off and give it to the person that they had dedicated it to. These can be bought from the Wildcat Store for around $20.

Josten’s, the company WSU goes through for graduation gowns and where students can find graduation rings, offers other forms of graduation jewelry.

A band with the graduation year will be $368. On the high end, most rings will be around $800. Collegiate tags range from $389-$497.

Josten’s also sells “the uploma,” a statue version of a diploma that can be made from wood or metal. They are either $250 or $270.

“The Grad Finale is the best place to go,” Gavin Jensen, deputy director of the Wildcat Store, said. “There, the seniors can pick up their gowns, caps and cords.”

Grad Finale takes place on Dec. 6 this year and seniors can celebrate the progress they’ve made, collect their items for graduation and sign up for the Alumni Association. Those who sign up for the Alumni Association can also get a special license plate cover.

If students would like to buy a frame from WSU’s bookstore, a simple black frame costs about $10. The ones with a dedication for students’ tassels are $50, and the wood frames with WSU engraved into the glass start at $250.

Other graduation merchandise available include thank-you cards, class rings, professional photos, celebration dinners and possible graduation trips.

Graduation announcements range from the cheaper end from businesses like Shutterfly to the more expensive options like Josten’s. The cost depends on the style, the amount and the business they are purchased from.

Thank-you cards tend to be a cheaper option compared to announcements. Students can buy a 50-pack of thank-you cards from Walmart for $10.

In terms of graduation photos, the photography cost calculator, Snappr Photography, estimates a two-hour graduation photoshoot in Utah costs around $350-$400.

If graduates decide to celebrate their graduation with a trip, the price can range from a few hundred dollars in the U.S. to a few thousand internationally.

No matter how graduates decide to celebrate, there are always more affordable options to create a unique graduation experience.